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Simple Divorce 


No minor children, no bills, liabilities, no assets, no alimony

Divorce with Property


No minor children, may have some debt to divide such as credit cards, loans,etc. May have assets such as vehicles, home, mobile home, business, etc. May have alimony stipulations.

Divorce with Children


Minor children, child support to be calculated, parenting plan to be established. May or may not have property, shared liabilities, etc.


Florida Divorce Process

All types of divorces in Florida follow one of the following processes:

  • In Agreement – This is the process when both parties are amicable and are willing to go through the process together.
  • By Publication – In this process a publication is issued by the court in a local newspaper for 30 days announcing the filing of the divorce. This divorce is adequate when the whereabouts of the other party are unknown.
  • By Summons – When the relationship between both parties is not amicable or perhaps incarcerated. In this divorce process the other party gets his/her documents served.

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