$99 Divorce Papers

Fast, Reliable Non Attorney Service

Great option for the DIY (Do It Yourself) type and someone looking for a cheap divorce in Florida.

What We Will Do:

Prepare your divorce documents within 24 hours and email them to you with personalized instructions on how to file the documents at the courthouse.

Included: All divorce documents and application to apply for the court filing fee waiver.

Cheap Divorce in Florida

While our process only includes the typing on the divorce forms we will do a free phone consultation where we will explain the process for you to file your documents, how to calculate child support (if applicable) and how to use the Application for Indigent Status.

All for one low price of $99.

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We are not divorce attorneys and do not provide legal advice. Our service includes the divorce packet you would typically purchase at the courthouse but customized with your information and with ONLY the forms you need for your typical type of divorce.

We will also include instructions on how to file your case at your local courthouse, and any other instructions for your particular situation.

How we are Different

Our office is based in Tampa, Florida however we are familiar with every county in Florida and their procedures. Many of our competitors are not based in Florida and are not familiar with each county requirements and forms.

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