Florida Divorce Academy

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Florida Divorce Academy

Florida Divorce Academy

If you have being wondering how you can do the following:

➡ Prepare your own florida divorce forms

➡ Get Florida divorce forms pdf

➡ File for divorce in florida for free

➡ How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

➡ Get Florida family law forms

We got the answer. We created a platform where you can:

1 – Download the exact divorce forms you need for your type of case.

2 – Watch videos showing you how to fill them out.

3 – Video instruction on how to e-file your case.

4 – Download and learn how to complete the court filing fee waiver and save $408

5 – Opportunity to ask questions to an expert document preparer

One Time Payment of: $37

Duration: Access for the platform for 30 days

Prepare Your Own Florida Divorce Forms

If you hate filling out forms and feel overwhelmed we completely understand you.

Our platform was made to be E A S Y

We basically took back the curtains and spilled the beans on EVERYTHING we do for our clients for a super affordable price.

Get Florida Divorce Forms PDF

Our divorce packets are fillable PDF forms.

This alone will save you lots of time as you add your information to the forms.

File for Divorce in Florida for Free

If you have no income or low income you may qualify to get the court filing fees waived.

In our platform we give you the Application for Indigent Status and show you HOW to complete it and get it approved by the clerk of court.

How to File for Divorce in Florida Without an Attorney

We give you all the tools you need in order to do the whole process by yourself.

Legal questions will not be answered; however if you have any questions related to the forms or process we are only a message away.

Get Florida Family Law Forms

We have created 9 different Florida divorce forms packets that represent the different scenarios.

Florida divorce forms

Throughout the platform all the content is identified using this graph to make it easy to find what applies to your situation.

Software You Will Need to Use our Divorce Academy Platform

You will need Adobe Reader and Word. It will also be useful to have a printer and scanner in order to upload the documents to the Florida court e-filing system.


We have a 30 day or your money back guarantee

We have 100% guarantee that the documents will be accepted by the court as long as the instructions are followed.

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