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Florida simple divorce

Simple Divorce by Publication

Simple Divorce by Publication in Florida

A simple divorce by publication means 3 things:

  1. You do not know the whereabouts of your spouse or your spouse lives in a country where due process is difficult (such as Cuba, etc)
  2. There are no minor children in the relationship
  3. There are no pending financial matters such as joint property or any other financial matters.

Here is our process for a Simple Divorce by Publication in Detail.

Price: $280.00


Florida Simple Divorce by Publication (Missing Spouse)

This process is followed when the whereabouts of your ex are not known. The court submits an article on a local newspaper and runs it for 30 calendar days. Once it expires the newspaper submits the proof to the court and we submit the rest of the required documents.
You will receive the final judgement in the mail within 2 months of the case being filed.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Submit our client intake form

We will email you an invoice for the deposit of $140 when you submit the client intake form.

Please do not submit the form above unless you are ready to proceed with your divorce. If you have any questions please call us at 800-474-1970

IMPORTANT – We can only answer questions regarding our process. For legal advice please contact an attorney.

Once we receive the payment confirmation from our billing system:

2 . We will prepare the divorce forms  in 24-48 hours and email them to you for review and print.

3. Take the forms to a notary of your choice. Many places such as Kinko’s, insurance agencies and UPS stores have notaries.

Submit the forms to us and we will help you efile the signed divorce forms

4. We will email you an invoice for the balance of $140 and facilitate efiling of any additional forms or documents until the case is final.

how to get a simple divorce by publication


Additional Information:

    • Court filing fee waiver – Many of our clients do not have to pay the court filing fee. If the affidavit of indigent status is approved our client typically does not have to pay any other fees.
  • Once you get the divorce documents from us please review the documents for accuracy.
    • Ready to get started? Submit our client intake form to our office HERE:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Court Decides I Do Not Qualify for the Court Filing Fee Waiver?

The clerk of court decides if you qualify for the Application of Indigent Status. If they decide you do not qualify you can call them to request a payment plan.

Most courthouses will accommodate a 6 …

Florida Online Divorce price 2019

Florida Online Divorce Price

Our Florida Online Divorce price include all of the typing, all divorce forms including the special interrogatory to have the final hearing waived and the court filing fee waiver (if applicable), we can assist you with e-filing, and any mailings necessary to the court and the parties involved.

Florida Online Divorce price

Here are our flat fee Florida Online Divorce prices:

Divorce Preparation Only – $99.00

This is for ONLY divorce typing. You send us the information, we type the forms (we have the divorce forms electronically). We will email them to you within 24-48 hours. You will need to print them, sign them in front of a notary and file them in court.

Does not include filing, case management or no-court hearing support. Also does not include child support calculations.

We will provide instructions and the child support calculation worksheet (if applicable).

Simple Divorce Complete Service – $280.00

A simple divorce is a divorce without minor children and without any mutual financial considerations such as alimony, pension, properties, bills, etc.

We take care of the preparation, efiling and case management until the divorce is final.

No court hearing options is available for simple divorces in mutual agreement and by publication.

Divorce with Property – $320.00

A divorce with property details assets, pensions, alimony, bills, etc. must include a marital settlement agreement where financial considerations have to be divided, requested, etc.

We take care of the preparation, efiling and case management until the divorce is final.

No court hearing options is available for simple divorces in mutual agreement.

Divorce with Children – $420.00

A divorce with property details assets, pensions, alimony, bills, etc. must include a marital settlement agreement where financial considerations have to be divided, requested, etc.

We take care of the preparation, efiling and case management until the divorce is final.

No court hearing options is available when the case is in mutual agreement. Includes marital settlement agreement, child support calculations and parenting plan.

Prices above DO NOT INCLUDE the court filing fee.

Court Filing Fee – $408 (may be waived)

The court filing fee can be waived if the petitioner is low income. We will be happy to prepare the form and have it filed along with the divorce process. If you do not qualify a payment plan can be implemented with the clerk of court by having the court filing fee spread into 6 months.

Quit Claim Deed- $75.00

If you are splitting real estate and both names are on the property then a quick claim deed will be needed and filed with the recording office of the county where the property exists. It is recommended to get …

Florida No-Court Divorce – Is It Real?

How Can I Get a Florida No-Court Divorce in Florida?

Florida No-Court Divorce is the  answer to our modern busy lifestyle. What used to be a time consuming process it can all now be done by the internet, emails and regular mail. The process takes less than 45 days from filing to receiving the divorce decree.

Click below to get a quote

You can get a quick Florida no-court divorce as long as:

  1. Both of you are in mutual agreement over any assets, bills, children issues, etc.
  2. You know where the other party lives and he/she is going to be happy to sign divorce papers emailed or mailed to him/her.
  3. One of you has lived in the State of Florida within the last six months.

If you can meet the criteria above then you qualify to get a divorce within 45 days in the mail WITHOUT HAVING TO ATTEND A COURT HEARING.

It does not matter what county you live in. If you live in Orange, Hillsborough, Miami, Broward, Monroe, West Palm Beach, or any other county in Florida.

We can help you file a Florida no-court divorce using the online court portal and have the judge mail to you and your spouse the final judgement without ever stepping into a courthouse.

Find out more about quick divorces

The Florida no-court divorce process is simple:

  1. Submit the form below. Someone from our office will call you and discuss your particular situation. A flat-fee will be discussed with payment options.
  2. We will email your completed divorce papers. You will sign them and email them back to us.
  3. We can help you e-file your divorce case in the court’s internet portal, you will get a case number within 24 hours.
  4. Approximately 45 days later you will receive your dissolution of marriage in the mail, right from the court.

NOTE: You may qualify to have the court filing fee waived (saving of $409) if you qualify. Check the link for more details.

Florida divorce papers

What Types of Divorce

Cheap Divorce in FL

How to get a Cheap Florida Divorce

Cheap Divorce Florida

Florida Cheap Divorce AttorneySo you need to file for a Cheap Florida divorce? This is by far the hardest decision you will ever make in your life.

First, there is the emotional pain, feeling of loss, failure and state of confusion.

Then it comes the realization that you need to start over, maybe find a place to live and heal your emotional wounds.

But when the dust settles you know one thing: you must file for divorce.

Click below to find out about our affordable divorce preparation service including our $99 typing service:

There is no doubt that when a marriage ends it always affects the financial situation of both soon to be exes. In this post you will find ways to file a cheap Florida divorce, implementing one idea or all of them can save you a lot of money and grief.

Tips for filing a cheap divorce Florida

1. Divorce in Mutual Agreement

Filing for a divorce in mutual agreement is always cheaper. This avoids having to hire a process server or sheriff to serve the divorce papers to your spouse. You will also save on court mandated mediation, hiring an attorney and maybe even having to pay for their legal fees.

While having a divorce in mutual agreement is not always possible, for example in cases of domestic violence, substance abuse and missing spouse situations; having a divorce in mutual agreement may also mean that the divorce can be finalized without having to attend a final hearing and really allowing you to have a cheap Florida divorce.

For more information on this option: Florida no-court divorce.

2. Understand alimony Florida laws

As of the writing on this post no new law has been enacted to change the current alimony Florida law. There have been some law projects submitted however none has become law as of today (May 24, 2016). Always do your own research prior to making any life altering decisions.

With that said, there are 3 factors considered when a judge considers alimony:

a) How long has the couple being married. – Less than 5 years and alimony is less likely to be granted.

b) Ability for the spouse requesting it to gain employment and need of such spouse for the alimony.

c) Ability for the paying spouse to pay it – Someone without the financial means will most likely not be required to pay alimony.

The family court judge will also consider the lifestyle the couple lived. For example if the couple lived a lavish …

Missing spouse divorce

What is a Missing Spouse Divorce?

When you don’t know where your spouse lives

Many of our clients have been separated for a while and have lost track of their exes whereabouts.

This is where the missing spouse or divorce by publication process comes in handy.

This divorce can be a simple process however it takes a bit longer than a divorce in mutual agreement. In order to get a divorce final judgement using this method there are different steps to be taken in a particular order.

  1. You must do a good faith effort to find your ex. One of the forms required is called “Affidavit of Search” and it functions as proof that you have attempted to look for your ex. Places such as the post office, motor vehicle records, military agencies, jail, driver’s license bureau etc.
  2. The divorce paperwork includes many forms. The affidavit mentioned above, an affidavit of military service, notice of action for the newspapers and defaults to be filed when the publication expires are some of them.
  3. Once the paperwork is filed the court will order the publication to a local newspaper. The publication will run for 30 consecutive days. The newspaper will send the proof to the court and the defaults are filed.
  4. When the defaults are filed you will either attend a hearing or if you work with us you will receive the final judgement in the mail.
  5. A simple divorce by publication takes approximately 2 months to completion with working with Divorce in Florida Online.
  6. A divorce with children by publication can take approximately 2 – 4 months, depending on the county since a hearing is required for this type of divorce.

what is a missing spouse divorce

What is a Missing Spouse Divorce?

In summary, a missing spouse divorce should always be the last option when you are filing for divorce. Filing for a simple divorce by publication can be achieved without attending a court hearing while a divorce with children will require a hearing.

How much does a Missing Spouse Divorce cost?

The court filing fee remains the same ($408 in most Florida counties)

The publication fee is additional.

The courts do have a program for low income people called the Application for Indigent Status. If approved the court filing fee AND the publication fees are waived.

Our Preparation Fee is As Follows:

$99 – For our divorce typing service

$280 – Simple divorce includes forms, preparation, filing and case management with waiver to court hearing.

$320 – Divorce with Property (no children) includes forms, preparation, filing and case management.

$420 – Divorce with Children – includes forms, preparation, filing and case management.

Free Telephone Consultation for a Mising Spouse Divorce


We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. For legal advice please contact a divorce attorney.…

Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

Filing for Divorce when Spouse Lives Out-of-State

When marriages finish, partners typically go their separate ways, with only a few blocks or miles between them.

Nonetheless, in some cases partners wind up in different states.

If you stay in Florida as well as have decided to file for divorce, however your spouse lives somewhere else, you can still get divorced, although there may be several limitations to consider.


In Florida, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage.”

To apply for dissolution of marriage in Florida, either your or your partner has to have resided in the state for at the very least 6 months before filing for divorce.

If this residency requirement is fulfilled, you may file for divorce in Florida, even if your spouse lives out-of-state.

Choosing your Divorce Process

The first thing to consider is are you in contact with your ex?

You are in contact

If you are still able to communicate with your soon to be ex and the relationship your spouse can sign divorce documents.

This will allow you to get a no-court hearing divorce.

In this type of case neither of you need to go to court. Even if you have children together, this may be a great option for you.

You are not in contact

If you have no way of communicating with your ex and you do not know the whereabouts then a divorce by publication may be an option for you.

You are in contact but…

If you are aware of his address but the relationship is toxic then a divorce by summons will be the way to go.

Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State?

Yes you can! We can help you file for divorce if your spouse does not live in Florida as long as you have lived in Florida for the last 6 months. Fill out the form below to speak to a Divorce Consultant today.

PS – We are not divorce attorneys and do not provide legal advice. For legal advice please contact a divorce lawyer in your area.


Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

You can get a divorce even if your spouse lives outside of Florida or even outside the country.

The process will depend on your relationship with your ex and even the location.…

Florida Divorce by Publication

Florida Divorce by Publication Process 

A Florida divorce by publication (also known as a missing spouse divorce, one signature divorce) is used when the whereabouts of the other party are not known. This replaces the typical process of service. If you have any legal questions please contact a Florida divorce attorney.

A simple divorce with no children can get a divorce by publication in Florida without having to ever step into the courthouse. This process takes approximately  8 weeks.

A divorce with children must go through the traditional Florida divorce process and will require a hearing. Depending on the county this type of divorce by publication take approximately 12 weeks.

Missing Spouse Divorce, Florida divorce by publication


How much does a Divorce by Publication cost?

We keep our prices of our divorce preparation service the same across the board:

Simple Divorce – $280.00 -Complete no-court hearing process

Divorce with Property – $320.00 – complete case management

Divorce with Children – $420.00 – complete case management

The court filing fee is $408.00 HOWEVER 97% of our clients do not pay the court filing fee or publication fee because they qualify for the Court filing fee waiver.

Ready to get started? Scroll to the bottom of this page for our client intake forms.

Step 1 – Information Necessary for Florida Divorce by Publication Process

Client Intake –   Complete one of the forms available on one the service page above and submit it to our office. We will call you to confirm the information, answer any questions and email an invoice.

Step 2 – Preparation of Documents

We will prepare the forms using the information provided and submit them to you typically within 24 hours to your email. Please keep in mind we work Monday through Friday.

Once you receive the forms please review them to make sure all of the information is accurate. If there are any typos please let us know and we will make the changes and resubmit the documents to you.

Let us know if you need us to send the publication  to you in the mail. We will do so without any additional charge.

IMPORTANT – We will include a court filing fee waiver with the paperwork, if you meet the income qualifications the court will not charge you the court filing fee and the publication fee as well.

Step 3 – Signing of the Papers

Signing – The forms must be signed in front of a notary, we can provide notary services at no charge in Tampa, Orlando and Miami.

Step 4 – Filing the Divorce at the Courthouse

We will prepare and efile the divorce forms using the Florida court’s online portal. The court will request the publication if you qualify for the court filing fee waiver. If …

Florida divorce with children

Proceso de Divorcio con Niños Menores en la Florida

Divorcio con Niños Menores Proceso en la Florida

Nuestra Tarifa: $420 (se puede pagar en 2 pagos)

Aquí está nuestro proceso para un Divorcio con Niños en Detalle. Hay tres opciones para presentar para este tipo de proceso y dependerá de sus propias circunstancias.

Nuestro proceso es el siguiente:

  1. Presentar un formulario de admisión del cliente a nuestra oficina de divorcio con niños
  2. Prepararemos los formularios según una de las siguientes opciones en 24-48 horas y los enviaremos por correo electrónico para su revisión.
  3. Una vez que revisemos, facilitaremos las notarizaciones si se encuentra en Miami, Tampa y Orlando.
  4. Le ayudaremos a presentar los formularios firmados.
  5. Facilitaremos la preparación de formularios o documentos adicionales hasta que el caso sea final.

Opcion 1 – Divorcio por Mutuo Acuerdo

Sin Ir A Corte

Si bien no respaldamos este proceso, está disponible en el estado de Florida. Para obtener asesoramiento legal, comuníquese con un abogado.

Para un divorcio sin una audiencia en la corte (divorcio sin corte) el caso será presentado en el Condado de Lee. No importa si nunca vivió allí mientras uno de ustedes haya vivido en el estado de Florida durante los últimos 6 meses.

Este condado hace que el proceso sea muy fácil y complaciente para cualquier persona que solicite el divorcio.

Una vez archivado, el juez revisa los documentos y envía por correo el juicio final a usted y a su ex junto con una copia del plan de crianza y el acuerdo de resolución matrimonial generalmente dentro de los 60 días.

Divorcio tradicional

Si cree que desea que su caso permanezca local en caso de que algo en el acuerdo cambie en el futuro, entonces el caso se archivará electrónicamente en el tribunal local y se solicitará una audiencia final.

Opcion 2 – Por Rebeldia

Esto es obligatorio cuando su ex no cooperará con el proceso. Después de que se llenen los formularios, enviamos el caso al sheriff local para que le entreguen los documentos de divorcio a su ex. Una vez que reciba el servicio, tendrá 20 días calendario para responder por escrito al tribunal.

Cuando vence el período de tiempo, enviamos la documentación final para programar la audiencia. La mayoría de estos divorcios se envían a una mediación ordenada por el tribunal antes de que se programe una audiencia final.

Opcion 3 –  Por Publicacion

Este proceso se sigue cuando se desconoce el paradero de su ex. El tribunal presenta un artículo en un periódico local y lo ejecuta por 30 días calendario. Una vez que caduque, la prueba se envía al tribunal y el resto de los documentos requeridos se archivan para obtener una audiencia.

Información Adicional:

  • Exención de la cuota de presentación de la corte: muchos de nuestros clientes no tienen que pagar la tarifa de presentación de la corte. Si

Application for determination of civil indigent status

How can I get the divorce court filing fee waived? – Application for determination of civil indigent status

This is top secret stuff, the application for determination of civil indigent status is a form that many court clerks do not want you to know exist.

Many people wait forever to file for divorce because they do not want to spend the money on a lost cause. 

From the moment you go to the courthouse to pick up a divorce packet you are told you will need to pay $408 in court filing fee and if you need to serve the divorce documents to your spouse there will be an additional $10 summons fee and then the sheriff fee which could add approximately $35 to your total cost.

Do you qualify for a no court divorce? Click below to find out

No one has $400+ sitting around to throw at their ex.application for determination of civil indigent status

That’s because many people do not know about the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver.

Many Florida residents  qualify to have their divorce court filing fees waived, even if you do not qualify for government assistance.

What is the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver?

The Florida divorce court filing fee waiver is a form that’s called Application for Determination of Indigent Status, the form was created by pro-se litigants that have no income or low income. The form can be downloaded from the link above and then submitted with the rest of the divorce documents. The financial information provided on the form is not checked however it should match the financial affidavitof the petitioner.

Who qualifies for the Application for determination of civil indigent status?

If your income is less than indicated below you may qualify to have your court filing fees waived:

 Household Size

 1 $23,760
 2   32,040
 3   40,320
 4   48,600
 5   56,880
 6   65,160
 7   73,460
 8   81,780


The application for indigent status AKA court filing fee waiver is a very delicate form.

Any mistake, missing information, etc. will cause the application to be denied and for the court to ask you for the court filing fee.

Working with a Florida divorce document preparer is the best way to avoid issues and get the waiver approved. One mistake on the form and the waiver can be denied.

Hiring a Florida divorce attorney while applying for a court filing fee waiver – Indigent Status

It is …

How to find a Cheap Divorce Attorney in Florida

Help me Find a Florida Cheap Attorney

Get a free telephone consultation here (non-attorney service):

A divorce can be a time of headaches and confusion, which can be very distressing for everyone involved. There’s usually no way to avoid some of this, but you at least want to try to minimize the pain by finding the best (and cheapest) Florida Cheap Divorce Attorney you can.

There are so many of them that you might be wondering where to start and find a Florida Cheap Divorce Attorney.

Florida Cheap Divorce AttorneyFortunately there are plenty of great resources online to help you find an attorney, such as search and comparison websites.

Here are a couple to get you started: and

These sites will bring up plenty of businesses, but when you click on ‘Fees’ you might find something like ‘credit cards accepted’ and ‘free consultation’.

This will rightly lead you to think that they’re probably not going to be very cheap.

So let’s get down to some numbers.

Some of the costs of a divorce are fixed. At the time of writing in 2015, for example the Broward Clerk of the Court charges $409.00 to file an divorce (unless found indigent) and $10.00 to issue a summons.

Get Started on Your Divorce for Only $99

Process servers generally charge approximately $50.00 to have your spouse served with the action. If your spouse already filed and you wish to file a counter-petition, the court will charge you $395.00.

The costs which are fluid are the attorney’s fees costs.

Most family law attorney will charge anywhere from $200.00 per hour to $500.00 per hour. You often pay for the time the attorney expends on your case. The more complex the divorce, the more the cost. Additional costs are mediation fees, which can run $30.00 per hour (for courthouse mediation) to $200.00-$400.00 per hour for a private mediator.

There can be additional costs for additional personnel such as court reporters, private investigators, appraisers, vocational experts, guardian ad litems, psychological evaluations and other experts, depending on the complexity of the case.

This gives you an overview of divorce costs, and some realistic expectations when you’re wondering how to find a cheap divorce attorney in Florida.

You will want to try to be sure they will not charge you for too much time.

Remember you can always negotiate with people, and since you may be in a vulnerable situation you must remember your rights. There is no law that requires a party to be represented in family law cases, although it’s usually strongly recommended. Knowing that you’re not legally required to have an attorney and also that there are plenty to choose from, …