Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

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Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

Filing for Divorce when Spouse Lives Out-of-State

When marriages finish, partners typically go their separate ways, with only a few blocks or miles dividing the former pair. Nonetheless, in some cases partners wind up in different states. If you stay in Florida as well as have decided to apply for separation, however your spouse lives somewhere else, you can still acquire a separation, although there may be several limitations to emulate.


In Florida, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage.” To apply for dissolution of marriage in Florida, either your or your partner has to have resided in the state for at the very least 6 months before filing for divorce. If this residency need is fulfilled, you may file for divorce in Florida, even if your spouse lives out-of-state.

Simplified Separation

As soon as residency is developed, you should decide what type of divorce you might file. If you don’t have children, do not desire spousal support as well as you have actually reached a settlement agreement with your spouse as to building and also financial obligations, Florida supplies a streamlined procedure, called a “simplified dissolution of marital relationship,” which may be your quickest as well as most affordable alternative. To begin, you have to file a Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marital Relationship, Financial Testimony and also Marital Settlement Agreement with the clerk of the circuit court in the area where you reside. An online lawful paper company can aid you with this process. When done, a hearing will certainly be set up. Your spouse needs to be present when you submit the streamlined application and at the hearing. If your spouse is unable to return to Florida on either occasion, your only choice is to file a general application.

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General Separation

If you do not get a simplified dissolution of marriage, you have to file a basic Request for Dissolution of Marital relationship with the notary. If you and your spouse have actually reached an arrangement on all significant issues, your petition will be treated as uncontested and you should additionally file a Financial Sworn statement and also Marital Settlement Agreement. Nevertheless, if any type of problems are left unresolved, the court will treat your request as opposed. Once the request as well as needed documents are filed, you have to offer a copy of the application as well as summons on your spouse. This must be done by a “indifferent” party, somebody that is not a celebration to or affected by the separation action, unless your spouse forgoes service. As soon as served, your partner has 20 days to respond. When the court gets your partner’s response, a hearing will be set up. The judge just considers testimony presented during the hearing. If your separation is opposed, both you as well as your spouse must participate in the hearing; if uncontested, just you do.

Administrative Limitations

A Florida court may just rule on individuals as well as matters it has jurisdiction over. For that reason, if your partner stays out-of-state, or never ever resided in the state, a Florida court might only command to rule on the divorce itself, yet not concerns of residential or commercial property, youngster safekeeping, visitation as well as assistance, or alimony. Often these concerns must be made a decision in the state where the couple last lived for at the very least six months or where contested home is located. In a similar way, if minor kids are involved, the kids have to commonly reside in a state for a minimum of six months before a court because state has jurisdiction over issues including their interests.

Even if a Florida court has such jurisdiction, if your spouse never ever resided in Florida, one more state court may need to decide any child support problems.