Financial Irresponsible Husband

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financial irresponsible husband

Financial Irresponsible Husband


This season in mine and my husband’s life has been so hard.. and by season I mean the last 3 years.

He is financially irresponsible and spends his money like an 18 year old.

I am working a full time and a part time job to support our family of 5 (and I’m so exhausted) He works full time in a new position so he had to start out at the bottom.

I’m not mad at him for making a career change at all. I’m proud of him.

However, his income has been cut in half and he now pays all of his bills late, his credit cards are maxed but he still finds the money to pay for all of his hobbies.

He’s driving my vehicle because his isn’t drivable and his credit score is too low to finance a new one.

I financed our house by myself and he complains about what a “dump” it is all the time. I’ve offered many times to help him come up with a plan to get himself out of his slump but he refuses and gets so angry with me when I bring it up.

He is under this illusion that I’m trying to control him. I had to finance a new AC, I pay my car payment for the car he also drives, groceries and I also pay our electric and cell phone bill. He pays half the mortgage and water bill and that’s it.

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I am SO frustrated that I’m having to kill myself working 2 jobs (one as a full time teacher) and he gets so angry at me for trying to get him to be better with his money. There are a hundred more problems we have in our marriage but I swear they would all go away if I could see that he was willing to AT THE VERY least take care of himself. This has created so much tension in our house and just when I feel like I can let it go, I see he’s done something ridiculous again.

For example, he’s in a bowling league and goes out for drinks and appetizers every Thursday before bowling ($50 a week). He’s in tons of Fantasy sports leagues, and he blows about $50 every weekend on beer and snacks for when he watches football every weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, no one should give up everything that brings them a little bit of joy but how can he watch his wife kill herself trying to provide for him AND his children while his life hasn’t changed at all? 😔

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