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How the Florida Online Divorce Process Works

The State of Florida allows for document preparers to assist pro-se divorce filers with their divorce forms.

Divorce forms can also be filed electronically, this makes getting an online divorce a much easier process than just a few years ago. 

We are looking forward to helping you while you transition to the new stage of your life.

First Step – Complete a client intake form for your type of divorce. We will use the information provided and type the forms needed for your divorce.

Once the documents are ready (typically within 24 hours) we will email the documents to you and your spouse (if applicable).

We can print and mail you the documents (at no additional cost) if printing the papers is an issue for you and or your spouse.

Second Step – Upon reviewing the divorce papers you and your spouse (if applicable) will sign the documents in front of a notary. We can help you facilitate notarizations in Tampa, Orlando and Miami.

On many cases your bank can provide notarizations free of charge. You will then scan or mail the documents back to us for processing.

Third Step –  The divorce papers are then prepped for submitting to the court. A case number is obtained usually within 48 hours.

The rest of the process varies upon your own circumstances. Keep reading to get an idea of the differences for the different types of divorce cases:

Divorce in Mutual Agreement

This type of divorce qualifies for a no-court hearing divorce:

The judge will review the divorce papers, sign the divorce final judgment and mail the divorce final judgment to you within 30-45 days.

From the time the divorce is filed at the courthouse, the divorce typically takes less than 45 days.

Divorce by Publication

When you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse there is a process that allows the divorce to be processed and it’s known by many names such as “Missing Spouse Divorce”, “One Signature Divorce”or “Divorce by Publication”.

If the divorce do not include children and property then this can be done without having a court hearing. It takes approximately 60-75 days.

Divorce by Summons

In this type of divorce a sheriff will serve the documents to your spouse. He or she will have 20 calendar days to respond to the summons.

After the time has passed the 2nd step documents will be filed and a hearing will be scheduled.

It is difficult to estimate the timeline of this type of divorce.

This divorce requires  court hearings.


If the petitioner has a no income, low income, is on disability, welfare or social security benefits, the divorce court filing fees will most likely be waived. This could be a savings of $409

We will prepare the Application of Indigent Status at no additional cost.

Important – It is not guaranteed that the court filing fee will be waived, it’s up to the discretion of the clerk of court.


There are many options available to obtain an online divorce in Florida. Many websites out there make many promises. While some of these websites are legit not all offer a complete service based in FLORIDA.

If you are looking around for a Florida divorce online we suggest you ask the following questions:

  • Are they based in Florida? We are based in Tampa, FL. We are familiar with the process in most counties around FL.
  • What exactly are they offering? Make sure you understand clearly what they are offering, is it just plain general documents that are available on the internet without your information typed in?
  • Do they have a phone number? Do they have a phone number available for you to call? For example our clients can call, text, email us anytime for inquiries about their process.
  • Will there be any other fees? Not everyone is clear about their costs.
  • How long have they been in business? Make sure the operators of the website have been around for a while.

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