Florida Simple Divorce without Court Hearing

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What is a simple divorce?

A simple divorce in Florida is when neither party needs anything from each other financially and there are no minor children involved in the relationship.

What is Divorce in Florida Online process?

Our goal is to keep the process as simple and painless as possible.

Step 1 – Type the divorce documents and send them to the parties involved via email and/or mail.

Step 2 – Collect signatures

Step 3 – File case and follow up on case until judge signs the final judgement and sends it in the mail.

What is our role in the divorce process?

We are typists and cannot provide any legal advice. Our role is limited to the preparation and administrative tasks related to your case. We cannot interfere with the courts and cannot communicate with the court staff on your behalf.

We will provide the case information and how you can follow up on your case.

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