I Can’t Stop Crying

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I Can’t Stop Crying

This has been a tearful 24 hours.

She has made it apparent she is ready to file. I am not going say I am blameless, I did some stupid things along the way (e.g. sign up for a sugar daddy site, which she found out about, but I have been always faithful to my wife.)

She says that was the last straw, although she also admitted she had been planning and thinking about divorce for 6 months now.

She has talked to lawyers and figured out exactly what she wants to do. This to me was a shock, she has been thinking about it for so long and in so much detail.

She says she wants to mediate, draw up a separation plan and amicably split up.
Sell our SFH and move into separate homes. Jointly share custody of our two kids. Part of me says, that makes sense. BUT, most of me screams, this is INSANE!

We shouldn’t be breaking up our family this easily, without fighting to preserve it. Giving counselling another chance and try to reconcile.

I can’t stand the thought of having a broken home and family.. and putting stress on my 2 and 5 year old. I have been begging her to give counselling a shot, but she won’t listen.

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