I filed for divorce…

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From divorce to love story

I filed for divorce…

18 months ago, I filed for divorce.

Talk about the darkest time of my life. I was the tinier than in high school. Never slept. Worked myself to death and raised three girls.

My husband worked on the road and was never home, never talked to me, nothing. I was married to a stranger.

After filing he begged me to give him another chance after a few weeks I agreed. We sat in our dining room for hours trying to figure out how we were going to pick up the pieces.

It was decided the house we be sold, most of our belongs sold, we were going on the road with him.

A month later I found out I was pregnant, we decided to move out of our house once the baby was here. And he would continue working on the road til she arrived.

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A year ago we signed the papers for our new home…on wheels. Every single person doubted us no way we would make it in a camper with four small daughters while we traveled for his work.

May came and she was here a week later the house was empty and we were on the road.

At first it was hard.

Learning how to be around each other every single day (never happened before) and adjusting to 350sq ft verses the 1600 sq ft we gave up.

But we pushed through and here we are exactly one year later since we signed the papers when everyone thought we were insane. Our marriage is stronger than anything.

He’s truly my best friend and our love for traveling grows more everyday.

Now we’re onto our next journey while traveling… pregnancy 5 welcoming a little boy, our first son into our family in June 🖤

If you want it bad enough don’t stop fighting for it.

At Divorce in Florida Online we believe in what we do but we also believe divorce should be a last resort.

From divorce to love story

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