Just had my divorce hearing a few days ago

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Just had my divorce hearing a few days ago

Just wanted to share how awesome it was and that I’m finally divorced!

It was over video and we had to mute ourselves until the judge called our case. To my surprise my ex wife joined the session even though she did not respond to my served papers.

We last talked on March and It felt good to see her and not feel anything towards her.

Our initial separation was rough but now I’m more than okay never seeing her again.

My lawyer was awesome I didn’t even have to say much, we have no kids, no assets and the judge went on to finalize our divorce!

I’m pretty happy!

I’m free, it’s like a burden has been lifted and I’m staying single for a long time.

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My life has already drastically improved since our separation and I have great plans for the future.

So anyone going through it, feeling hurt and betrayed, it will get better.

You may not have such a smooth divorce but when it’s over you’ll be free from the stress of loving someone who does not love you the same and is community property.

Haha I gave her back to the community.

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