Newsletter July 2019

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Newsletter July 2019

Wow! Can’t believe that 2019 is half way gone! And damn it’s hot! Can’t beat living in Florida though, truly paradise. In this newsletter I have a bunch of updates to share with you so hang tight my love.


New Services!

We have added a few document preparation services due to many of our clients asking us for help. I have never advertised these services because for a while I needed to stay focused in one area but the cat is out of the bag so might as well let the world know. So without further fanfare:

Immigration Services

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Taxes & Bookeeping

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No Longer Flying Solo

As we have expanded we have in place a support team that’s the bomb dot com. We will be introducting them to you on Facebook very soon. We will also be getting an office during the last quarter of 2019 so definitely follow us on our Facebook page for updates and our Open House (you will get your VIP invite in your email).

How To Order Certified Copies of Your Divorce

In case you need it, you can head over to and order your certified copy. If you need help locating your case number send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.


I want you to know that I pray for you daily. I love all our clients and thank you for your referrals through the years. I am honored to have served you and hope that you are now living your best life yet. Because of that it would be very helpful if you could leave feedback in any of the platforms below:

New Divorce Service

While we are known for our no-court divorce process we understand that there are people that cannot afford our low fees. After brainstorming we have decided to have a DIY option for $99. We will type the documents but the client will be responsible for the rest of the process.

No Court Divorce Process

Of course we still have the no-court divorce process where we handle everything. We have seen many of our cases lately finishing in 2 weeks. To be honest we have it down to a science now and we are process rich which benefits our clients with faster results.

Simple Divorce Divorce with Property Divorce with Children

Boom Boom Pow Life Lessons

As you may know I have been helping many of our clients with more than just documents. To be honest I do not take all the cases that contact us. I know that there are times that we feel that it’s over and we just want to throw the towel. But sometimes all we need is to talk to someone that will help us see things in a different perspective.

It’s an honor when I am able to be that person. Because it’s not all about money but serving people.

I may be the “divorce queen” but I am pro-marriage. I believe in holding on and trying counseling, etc. before pulling the plug.

Now, if you are ready honey boo boo you know I am your girl for the job!

So, because of this I have been preparing 100 life lessons series that will be availabe on my YouTube channel. Crazy right?

To be honest, I am so scared! But just this morning I came upon a passage on my bible that put things in perspective.

We all heard that the Jews were slaves in Egypt.

But how often have you heard anyone talking about how come they became slaves?

Well, so today I realized that they were running in fear.

They asked the prophet Jeremiah for direction and he told them to not go to Egypt…but of course they didn’t listen and boom!

God had placed in my heart a dream of helping people, beyond typing documents; but motivating and helping through the process of creating a new life after divorce, bankruptcy etc.

So inspired by my business coach I made a list of 100 ideas and activities that helped me going from homeless to living in my dream home, in the most amazing neighborhood.

A place I love so much I work most days in it versus going to an office somewhere else.

It took me less than 30 minutes to come up with 100 things I have personally done through the years that have transformed my life.

When I was done I realized God wants me to share these.

And I need to be obedient to his calling.

So…drum roll please! I have launched my You Tube channel where I am in the process of dropping 100 videos packed with ideas, activities and exercises you can do to help you go to the next level…whatever that means to you!

Click on the link below and subscribe, smash the notification bell and comment.

See you there!

You Tube Channel

Don’t be a Stranger!

If you are in Tampa make sure to give me a call so we can sit down and chat. I wish you the best in life.



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