What Should I do?

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What Should I do?

By: Anonymous

I work full time roughly 13 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week. He works full time and makes more money than I do, even with winter layoffs. I pay the mortgage , utilities , my car payment , medical insurance on family of 6, groceries, toiletries, kids tuition and sports!

Not only that after working all day I do the cooking the dishes the floors the bathrooms etc ! He constantly cries broke but will purchase season tickets to sporting events , take trips , buy whatever he wants for himself, goes out with his friends all the time, goes to Vegas!

He also refuses to become intimate. I’m starting to resent him! I have talked to Him until I’m blue on the face .. he refuses counseling !

I tell him I’m exhausted from working and transporting the kids to have to come home and do everything !

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Even on lay-off periods he won’t help he stays up all night watching tv and sleeps the day away he won’t even let our 3 dogs out or feed them… Some people say well divorce him if he refuses to contribute … that’s not always the easiest answer especially with kids involved !

Is there anyway to get him to help ? Any ideas ?”

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