Filing a Divorce with Children by Publication

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When You Don’t Know Where Is Your Spouse

If you have minor children and do not know the location of your spouse or he/she is in a different country. You will need to prove you cannot find your spouse and have a Notice of Action ran in a local newspaper for 30 days.

Our Fee for a Divorce with Children by Publication $620.00 (in 2 payments of $310)
We will email the prepared forms to you within 72 hours along with the search results.

Click here for more information on how to search for a missing spouse.

You will have 7 days to request any changes to the forms.

We will prepare the divorce papers and send them to you for signature.

We will provide instructions on the following

  • How to do the search with mostly free resources available on the Internet. The court may require other search results, check with them.
  • How to file your case in the court.

1 – The court filing fee will be waived based on the income of the petitioner. I will let you know if you qualify. 90% of my clients qualify. If you do not qualify the court filing fee is $411.00

2 – There is a parenting class that you have to take. It can be taken online if you wish for $24.99

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Questions about a FL divorce with Children by Publication

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Important Notice: We are NOT attorneys, and we cannot and will not, at any time, give legal advice.