Filing a Divorce with Children by Publication

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When You Don’t Know Where Is Your Spouse

If you have minor children and do not know the location of your spouse or he/she is in a different country.

Process for a Florida divorce by publication

We will prepare the divorce papers and send them to you for signature.

When the divorce papers are sent back to us we will do a search (mandatory step) and prove to the court your spouse could not be found in Florida.

If we find an address for your spouse we will let you know what the next steps should be.

We then file the documents and have the court issue a notice of action (the publication part) which needs to run for 30 days. The notice of action is usually either posted in a local small newspaper or in the lobby courthouse.

Once the period has expired we will file the rest of the documents and the court will schedule the hearing which you will need to attend.

Fee for a Divorce with Children by Publication

Our Fee for a Divorce with Children by Publication $620.00
1st Payment of $310.00 Рgets the forms prepared, and search done. We will first email the forms to you within 72 hours for your approval. Once you approve the draft we will email you the documents for you to print and sign in front of a notary (included) or mail you the printed forms with flags on each page that need your signatures/notarizations (additioanl fee of $20) or we will setup the forms for esigning and remote notarizations (additional fee of $60).

If you choose to sign them in front of another notary you will need to send them back to us either by scanned as one PDF or by mail. If you choose our remote notarization the documents will automatically go to us for processing.

2nd Payment of $310.00 – We will efile the case typically 72 hours after receiving the signed documents and the payment.

When the publication expires we will file the rest of the documents and request a hearing date.
You will receive the hearing date in the mail from the court. You are required to attend the hearing.

1 – The court filing fee will be waived based on the income of the petitioner. I will let you know if you qualify. 90% of my clients qualify. If you do not qualify the court filing fee is $411.00

2 – There is a parenting class that you have to take. It can be taken online if you wish for $24.99

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Questions about a FL divorce with Children by Publication

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