Filing a Divorce with Children by Publication

Fast, Reliable Non Attorney Service

Cost of a Missing Spouse Divorce with Children

We have 2 different service levels:

$210 – Divorce Forms Only

We type all the divorce forms for you, you sign them and then take them to the courthouse to file.

We will give you instructions and will calculte the child support guidelines if applicable.

If the divorce is by publication 


(can be paid in 2 payments)

Divorce forms typed, child support calculated, filed at the courthouse and case management until it’s final.

Our process for a Divorce with Children by Publication is as follows:

Submit a client intake form to our office

We will prepare the forms based on one of the options below in 24-48 hours and email them to you for review. We will make any changes needed at no additional charge.

If you choose the COMPLETE Case Management Process for $420 we will aslo:

  • We will help you file the signed forms.
  • We will facilitate preparing any additional forms or documents until the case is final.
  • If you qualify for the court filing fee waiver (see below) the court will issue a Notice of Action which will expire in 30 days.
  • We will help search for your spouse in the military, Florida correctional facilities and DMV.
  • Once it expires the proof is submitted to the court and the rest of the required documents are filed in order to obtain a hearing.

Additional Information:

Court filing fee waiver – Many of our clients do not have to pay the court filing fee. If the affidavit of indigent status is approved our client typically does not have to pay any other fees.

Parenting Class – You will be expected to submit a certificate of a 4 hour parenting class. Most jurisdictions allows the class to be taken online.


We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. For legal advice please contact a Florida divorce attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Divorce with Children by Publication

Can I use this type of divorce if my husband got deported back to his country?

Yes you can get a divorce if your spouse got deported. If you have minor children together a divorce with children by publication will work.

I live in Florida but my wife and kids live in another country. Can I still get a divorce?

Yes you can, however any related issues relating to the children may not be decided by a judge in the State of Florida such as custody, child support, etc.

Do I need to hire an attorney to file a divorce with children by publication?

You could hire an attorney but you do not have to. The State of Florida has all the documents needed and instructions available online for anyone to be able to file for divorce and be pro-se (self represented).

If I hire your company will you be reprensting me in court?

No. We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice or court representation. We are document assistants, this means we will help you prepare the forms through the process.

What additional costs do I have to consider when filing for a divorce by publication with children?

There are other costs to consider when filing for divorce by notice of action. There is the court filing fee, parenting class and the notice of action fee. If you are low income you may qualify for the court filing fee waiver program. We include the preparation of the Application of Indigent Status with our service which will help you get the court filing fee and the notice of action fee waived. If you do not qualify then the court filing fee will be $408 and the notice of action will vary based on the county that you live in.

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