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Give us some info about your marriage, yourself and your ex. If you have children we will need their information, where they have lived in the last 5 years, income for both parents and visitation schedule.


We prepare all the documents required including the court filing fee waiver (if applicable) and can help you file them in the court’s online portal


The judge will sign the final judgement and send it in the mail or will notify of a hearing which will most likely be conducted by Zoom.


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Yamil is comforting, understanding, professional and efficient. She knows the documents and knew what was required. I highly recommend her. She makes it affordable. I am thankful and appreciate her dearly.Yamil is comforting, understanding, professional and efficient. She knows the documents and knew what was required. I highly recommend her. She makes it affordable. I am thankful and appreciate her dearly.

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J Avalo

Can’t tell you how quickly things went. So awesome to not have to worry about everything and to leave it in someone else’s hands. Worth every penny. Thank You Yamil for helping me and making the process so simple for me and my family. ��Can’t tell you how quickly things went. So awesome to not have to worry about everything and to leave it in someone else’s hands. Worth every penny. Thank You Yamil for helping me and making the process so simple for me and my family. ��

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Thank you so much Yamil! You made this process painless! Thank you for you tireless support every step of the way! I feel so lucky to have found you!!!Thank you so much Yamil! You made this process painless! Thank you for you tireless support every step of the way! I feel so lucky to have found you!!!

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Divorce in Florida Online can help you get your divorce paper quicker. Below is an estimate of how long it takes depending on the 3 main categories.

Mutual Agreement

By Publication (Missing Spouse)

By Summons

Divorces in Florida

Filing for divorce in fl is not as difficult than in other states. For starters you can do it on your own or with the assistance of a document preparer with experience preparing divorces in florida. Filing for divorce in fl can be done online easily.

Filing for Divorce in FL

In order to get a divorce in Fl you need a few things. We can help you get a cheap florida divorce by helping you type the paperwork and help you file it.


we are not attorneys and will not provide legal advice. We can answer questions regarding the process and Florida divorce forms. 


The Florida court system has an online portal where pro-se filers can file their divorce papers online without having to go to the familly court to file. We can help you set up your account and help you file.


Your divorce process will be dictated by your situation. There are 9 different ways you can file for divorce. By pressing the “Get Quote” button you will answer 3 questions and will receive a quote with a breakdown of the process.

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How to get a divorce in FL  quickly and without the hassle.

We are document preparers – No Legal Advice is Provided


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Divorce in Florida, a divorce is called a “dissolution of marriage.”

Florida is one of the many states that have eliminated fault as a ground for dissolution of marital relationship. The only demand to liquify a marriage is for among the events to prove that the marriage is “irretrievably damaged.” Either spouse can apply for the dissolution of marital relationship. You must show that a marriage exists, one event has actually been a Florida resident for six months priorto the filing of the petition, and the marriage is irretrievably broken. The reason for the irretrievable malfunction, however, might be taken into consideration under particular minimal scenarios in the decision of spousal support, equitable distribution of marital properties and financial obligations, and the development of the parenting strategy.

The parties, facts as well as conditions in each case are one-of-a-kind; as a result, end results can differ from case to case. Outcomes in a dissolution of marriage include, to name a few points, the division of assets and financial debts, awards of spousal assistance, honors of kid support, as well as decisions on parental duty and/or time-sharing schedules. There is no “one-size-fits-all” or “typical” dissolution of marriage in Florida.

The dissolution of marital relationship process can be highly emotional and stressful for couples along with their youngsters. Spouses usually do not know their legal civil liberties and also responsibilities. Court clerks as well as courts can address some basic concerns but can not give lawful advice. Only an attorney can give lawful recommendations. Legal needs and court rules need to be strictly followed, or you may lose certain civil liberties permanently. The Florida Bar suggests you acquire the solutions of Florida family members legislation lawyer worrying lawful inquiries, which include conversations regarding your rights as well as obligations in a dissolution of marriage. A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate your unique circumstance and assist you make decisions in your and also your children’s benefits.

Can Your Marriage Be Conserved?
Are you sure your marital relationship can not be saved? Prior to you take any kind of lawful steps to finish your marriage, you may consider feasible ways to wait. You may desire to seek advice from a marriage counselor, psycho therapist, psychiatrist, priest, priest, rabbi or other specialist. Numerous social as well as religious organizations supply therapy services at sensible prices. Your family members regulation lawyer may refer you to somebody that can advise you independently or along with your spouse. Some counseling solutions are complimentary, and some services are provided on a sliding-scale basis related to your capacity to pay.

Domestic Physical violence
If you feel you are the target of residential physical violence, repeat violence or sexual violence, you can seek assistance from neighborhood law enforcement authorities and also can ask the civil court to enter an order (in some cases called a “restraining order”).

You might most likely to civil court yourself (without an attorney) to petition for an injunction to secure on your own versus residential violence. “Residential violence” suggests any attack, intensified assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sex-related battery, stalking, aggravated tracking, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment or any kind of crime causing physical injury or fatality of one family members or household member by an additional household or home member.

You may preserve the solutions of a lawyer to represent you in the domestic physical violence civil action if you so pick. You can not ask for that the various other party pay for the lawyer’s costs, fit cash or expenses sustained in your place in the residential violence proceeding, suggesting you will certainly be solely in charge of paying those fees as well as costs. There may be local lawful help programs and also organizations that can provide lawful support totally free or at a reduced rate. For regional legal aid organizations in your area, you may visit FloridaLawHelp.org or inspect The Florida Bar’s Legal Help in Florida customer handout. Additionally, you ought to speak to the workplace of the staff of the circuit court in your region or a neighborhood residential physical violence sanctuary for details.

The regular dissolution procedure begins with an application for dissolution of marital relationship, filed with the circuit court in the region where you and your partner last lived together or in an area where either celebration stays. Either partner might apply for a dissolution of marriage. The petitioner has to declare that the marriage is irretrievably damaged. The application lays out what the petitioner desires from the court. The various other partner must submit a response within 20 days of being offered, dealing with the issues in the initial application, and also can choose to include a counter-petition for dissolution of marriage increasing any type of additional problems that spouse demands the court to address.

Court guidelines controling a dissolution of marriage require that each party offer particular economic records and a finished financial sworn statement to the various other party within 45 days of the solution of the petition or a number of days prior to any type of short-term hearing. Failing to offer this information can result in the court disregarding the situation or not considering that event’s demands. The celebrations or the court can change these requirements with the exception of the filing of a financial sworn statement, which is necessary in all cases in which economic relief is sought. A child-support standards worksheet likewise must be submitted with the court at or before any hearing on youngster assistance. This demand may not be forgoed by the events or the court.

Mediation is a treatment to help you as well as your spouse in exercising a plan for getting to a contract without a lengthy procedure or a test. Its function is not to save a marital relationship yet to help divorcing spouses get to an option as well as get to agreeable terms for dealing with the break-up of the marital relationship. Many counties have public or court-connected arbitration solutions offered. Some counties require spouses to attempt arbitration prior to a final hearing (likewise called “trial”) can be established. To get more information concerning arbitration, see Florida Courts website.

Some partners agree on some or every one of the issues prior to or after the request is filed. Problems might include the division of building, a parenting strategy, spousal support, child assistance or lawyer’s costs. Events who have gotten to an understanding regarding their wanted result( s) enter into a composed contract that is authorized by both events and then presented to the court. Events who do not yet have a written agreement yet have actually reached an understanding likewise may appear for a final hearing with a suggested negotiation that they ask the court to accept and include into a final judgment. In such uncontested cases, a dissolution of marital relationship can become final in a short amount of time.

Getting to an agreement equips parties to develop terms with which they are most likely to conform rather than leaving decisions up to a court.

Ultimately, some spouses can not settle on all concerns, so a final hearing (or “test”) is needed. Each event will certainly offer proof and statement to the court throughout the last hearing, and then the judge makes the decision on the contested issues.
An online divorce in Florida can be a fast and easy choice to take care of the separation process without the inconvenience and also expenditure of hiring lawyers as well as waiting for apparently countless paperwork. The procedure at OnlineFloridaDivorce.com starts with a straightforward online survey. The answers you supply in the set of questions will be utilized to generate the documentation required to launch the divorce proceeding in Florida

At divorceinfloridaonline.com, we will also provide you with sources as well as directions to stroll you via the entire procedure from the initial contact to the completion of your divorce with the court. This is the most convenient method to file a dissolution of marriage in the State of Florida.

The process of submitting your forms utilizing the questionnaire on divorceinfloridaonline.com takes just a short time– typically between a 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on exactly how complicated your divorce settlement is.

Online Separation Without a Lawyer in Florida.
Specific filing demands might differ by county. If your process qualifies for the no-court hearing we help you file using the court efiling portal, with your own account. If your divorce does not qualify for the no court hearing divorce then it will be filed in your county and we may not have all the local forms available however we will assist you with those forms as well.
When you complete your paperwork with our company we will certainly provide you with anything you need during the divorce until it’s final.

Our process is as follows:
Fill in our quick form with a set of questions that will help you get the right process started with the right forms prepared.

Once you submit the form, you will receive an email and texts from our office. If you choose to hire us the email will have a link to a form so that you can submit the information to our office.
When we receive the information we will text you to ask if you have any further questions or if you are ready to get started.
If you have questions we will call you to address them. If you are ready to get started we will send you a link for the payment.
You will have an option of receiving the papers in your email and you will print them or by mail. Either way you will sign them in front of a notary and return the forms to our office by scanning or by mail for processing.

Once we receive the signed divorce forms we will create an account for you with the court’s eportal and help you file the divorce documents online.

What happens next depends on your type of divorce.
The emailed divorce quote will have all the steps defined.

The final step will be when a judge signs the divorce final judgement.

100% Court Approval Warranty
The divorce forms generated by divorceinfloridaonline.com are authorized for use by the Florida Supreme Court and also are the same types that you can locate in the courthouse. The only difference is that we have created a streamlined process to only sign the forms that you actually need for your specific situation. Therefore, they are ensured to be approved in any kind of court statewide. We make it very easy for you by completing the documents with the proper information based on the answers to basic concerns.

This permits you to easily acquire a fast, basic and low-cost separation in Florida.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am in this country illegally. Can I still get a divorce in Florida?

Yes you can. Depending on your divorce you may qualify for a no-court hearing divorce. Request your quote above to see if you qualify.

We got married in another State/Country. Can we still get divorced in Florida?

As long as either one of you have lived in the State of Florida for the last 6 months, we can help you.

Are you an attorney?

No we are not an attorney or paralegals. In the State of Florida paralegals are not allowed to work directly with the public and if we were paralegals we cannot share that fact. We are more like your for-hire divorce secretary.

Does someone in the office speaks Spanish?


Do I need to sign the documents in front of a notary?

Yes you do. The State of Florida has remote notaries. Our in-house notary is not certified as a remote notary however she is in Tampa and travels frequently to different areas of Florida.

Are you based in Florida?

Yes we are. We live in Tampa, Florida however we serve all of Florida.

How do I get updates on my divorce?

The best way to get a hold of our customer care team is by emailing us to our zendesk email. We will provide the email to you once you become a client. Because we are not attorneys we cannot call the courthouse on your behalf. You will have all the information you need to check your case online with the court and contact them. Anything you need you can let us know and we will provide it at no additional cost.