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No Assets No Liabilities Read More – Florida Simple Divorce

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With or Without Assets Liabilities Read More – Divorce with Children

Without Children

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With Assets or With Liabilities Read More – Divorce with Property
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Jennifer Avalo
Jennifer Avalo
Yamil is comforting, understanding, professional and efficient. She knows the documents and knew what was required. I highly recommend her. She makes it affordable. I am thankful and appreciate her dearly.
Frank Penzo
Frank Penzo
Yamil is really helpful, and the best at what she does. Thank you!
Anna Bergenstrahle
Anna Bergenstrahle
Thank you so much Yamil! You made this process painless! Thank you for you tireless support every step of the way! I feel so lucky to have found you!!!
Lydia Roman
Lydia Roman
Excellent in every stage of the process. Very easy, smooth, communication at all times. I received the papers on time, I am very impressed with the process.
Pato Garbo
Pato Garbo
Dynesha Bowman
Dynesha Bowman
Can't tell you how quickly things went. So awesome to not have to worry about everything and to leave it in someone else's hands. Worth every penny. Thank You Yamil for helping me and making the process so simple for me and my family. ��
Melissa Barrios
Melissa Barrios
I cannot thank Yamil enough for her help with my divorce! It was quick and seamless. She was always available to answer questions and help me through the process. I strongly recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Yamil! 🙂
Bryan Abramowitz
Bryan Abramowitz
Fast, affordable, and super easy. Never thought a divorce could be so effortless
Mckenzie Traceann
Mckenzie Traceann
Angila Mae Justice Giordano
Angila Mae Justice Giordano
Yamil is just such a blessing.... She gave me hope when I had no idea how to get my divorce and it not cost me an arm and a leg. She saved me. ESPECIALLY since it was a *Same Sex Marriages* I had never been married before and didn't know how that laws worked for being a same sex marriage. She was there for me through the entire process.... Walked and talked me through the process step by step and also advised me of what scenarios that could come during the process so *IF* it did I would be prepared..... Heck she was even there for my ex wife when we were signing our papers..... I want to thank u Yamil for putting up with a stressed out anxious woman needing and wanting to be divorced. God bless! � ���
Liria Lamas
Liria Lamas
Es una opcion increible. Agradezco mucho a Yamil Francisco por su gestion. Realizo mi tramite de divorcio muy profesional, segura y con 100 % de garantias. Soy muy feliz y recomendaria sus servicios a toda persona conocida. Gracias Yamil
Alley Fertig DaSilva
Alley Fertig DaSilva
I am so grateful for all your help - you turned what could have been a ridiculously painful, drawn out battle into a simple, straightforward process. I can't tell you enough how much you helped me, us and our family. Thank you, always!!
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Our divorce process is as simple as it gets. Once you submit your information we will prepare your divorce forms within 24 hours. Sign and get them back to us and in *most cases you will receive your final judgement as quickly as 30 days without stepping into a courthouse.


Divorce Options Available

There are three possible scenarios when it comes to the Florida divorce process. Depending on your current “relationship” with your spouse, your divorce will most likely follow one of the paths below.

In Mutual Agreement
You are both ready to move on and are willing to sign the divorce papers.
By Publication
You do not know the location of your spouse.
By Summons
You know the location of your spouse but he/she is not cooperating or there is a history of domestic violence or verbal abuse
Our philosophy

Helping You Move On

We understand how delicate this process is and it’s our honor to be able to assist you as you transition to the new stage of your life.

Our clients can reach us through email, Facebook messanger, our 1-800 number and via text. We will do our best to communicate with you at different stages of the process. Read more

Get Started Today

While we are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice we can help you with the preparation of the documents and assist you with the efiling and even get the final judgement mailed to your home without ever stepping into the courthouse. Click below to get started today.


Divorce Blog

Below are some articles we have written where we explain the divorce process in more detail.

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