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How to file for a Dunedin Divorce?

A Dunedin Divorce is a quicker and easier way to handle an unsavory life altering situation.

Our aim is to make the divorce process easier while keeping legal costs down. We use all the technology currently available including the online portal created by The State of Florida to makes e-filing a divorce a possibility.

Depending on your situation, we may be able to complete your divorce done without you ever having to attend the courthouse.

At no additional cost (and if you qualify) we can have the final court hearing waived and you can receive the final judgement in the mail in less than 45 days. We will explain this exciting option in detail when we contact you.

How much is an online divorce?Dunedin Divorce Cost

Our fees vary on the complexity of the divorce. We base our pricing on how long we estimate we will spend typing the forms, preparing them for e-filing and mailing expenses.

We are not attorneys, therefore we are able to keep costs down because we concentrate on the process.

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Dunedin Divorce

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What is the process for a Dunedin divorce?

1 – Submit your information on below – We will contact you and discus your particular situation and costs. We will also email you a client intake form. Once you submit it back to us we will send you an invoice.

2 – Divorce forms –We will email the complete divorce forms upon payment of the deposit, typically within 24 hours. You and your spouse will need to print and sign the forms in front of a notary, scan and email them back to us for processing.

3 – Court – Upon receiving the forms we will help you e-file them in the court portal and if applicable request the final court hearing to be waived. If a no-court divorce is not applicable then we will submit whatever forms are needed to get the divorce finalized as soon as possible.


Our commitment to you:

A – We will never ask for more money – we are flat fee based and will never request more money from you or your spouse.

B – We won’t quit – We will work with you and your spouse until you are divorced.

B – Communication – You will have access to our personal phone numbers, emails, Skype and Facetime accounts. We will be communicating with you often.

Dunedin Divorce | Disclaimer

This website will give you access to a divorce coordinator. While a divorce coordinator can save you money, it is important that you understand that it would be unlawful for us to provide any legal advice. If you choose to work with us we will limit ourselves to explaining the process, completing the divorce paperwork, help you file the divorce at the courthouse, etc. but we will not provide legal advice under any circumstance or represent you in court. If you need legal advice we encourage you to contact a divorce attorney.