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What is a simple missing spouse divorce?

This divorce is done when you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse or he/she is out of the country.
It has different moving parts such as researching, preparing, filing, getting the notice of action running for 30 days, filing the default and then either attending a hearing (usually through Zoom video conferencing) or receiving the final judgement in the mail (at the discretion of the judge).

Watch this video for a quick breakdown of the process: 

Our Fee: Flat fee of $280 (paid in 2 payments of $140, first payment to type the forms and do the research and 2nd payment due after documents are returned to us for filing and processing the default)


****100% guarantee that the forms will be accepted by the court or we will give you a refund****

Step 1 – Send us a Client Intake Form

Once we receive the intake form we will contact you from a 813 area code to answer any questions you may have and send you a like for the deposit.

Step 2 – Forms

We will email you the divorce forms within 1-2 business days. Sign/notarize the documents and return to us by email or mail. We will send you our final invoice at this time.

Step 3 – Filing and Publication

If you qualify for the court filing fee waiver you will not need to worry about the publication. The court will do it for you.

We will make sure you get your case number and show you how to check your case online with the court.

If you do not qualify for the court filing fee waiver you will be expected to have the Notice of Action published in a local publication. You will be contacted by the courthouse (by email) with further instructions.

Step 4 – Default – Final Hearing

Once the publication has expired we will file the default paperwork and submit the final judgement to the court. You will be divorced within 30 – 45 days within this timeframe (pending judge availability).

1 – The court filing is $408.00 and it can be waived based on the income on your income. We will prepare the form as part of our work.
For more information  click here:

2 – If you do not qualify for a court filing fee waiver you will be responsible for getting the Notice of Action published. Contact the court for more information on this step.

3 – Remote notarizations are available, please let us know if you are interested in this service.

4 – Mailing – If you would like us to print the documents and mail them to you we can do it with a  $10.00 service fee

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