Simple Divorce by Summons

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What is a simple divorce by summons?

This is required when your ex won’t cooperate with the process. After the forms are e-filed we submit the case to the local sheriff to get your ex served the divorce documents.

There will be hearings that you will be required to attend.

This means that the sheriff or a private process server will have your soon to be ex served the divorce papers.

You will not need any information from your spouse but his home address or the address of his workplace.

Most likely the court will mandate both of you to see a court appointment mediator prior to having a hearing with the judge.

If you need legal advice please contact a divorce attorney.

Steps for a Divore by Summons

Step 1

Prepare your divorce forms

Step 2

Sign your divorce documents in front of a notary

Step 3

File your divorce papers in the courthouse

Step 4

Hire the sheriff or process server in the county your ex lives and get him/her served. Your ex will have 20 calendar days to respond in writing to the court and send you a copy of the response.

Step 5

If your ex did not answer then you need to file a default and motion for default. You will need to contact the court to find out what else you may need to do to schedule a hearing.

How to Save Money

There are different ways to save money when filing for a divorce by summons.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • If you are low income – you can apply for the Application for Indigent Status. If approved this will have the court filing fee waived and the sheriff fee waived as well.
  • You can buy the divorce packet right on the courthouse.
  • We can help you with the whole divorce process until you are divorced for 1 flat fee.

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