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How to file for a Divorce?

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Our aim is to make the divorce process easier while keeping legal costs down.

We may be able to help you complete the process done without you ever having to step into the courthouse.

How much is an online divorce?

Our fees vary on the complexity of the divorce. We base our pricing on how long we estimate we will spend typing the forms, preparing them for e-filing and mailing expenses.

We are not attorneys, therefore we are able to keep costs down because we concentrate on the process. Click on the button below to find out our price and divorce options.

What is our divorce process?

Our office is known for helping people in Florida get divorced without stepping into the courthouse (if qualified, read below for qualifications) in 3 easy steps:

1 – Submit your information  – We will use email and text to contact you and ask any questions prior to submitting payment. Once we have addressed any questions you may have we will send you an invoice by text or email.

2 – Divorce forms –We will email you the complete divorce forms upon payment, typically within 24 hours. You and your spouse (if in mutual agreement) you will need to print and sign the forms in front of a notary and take them to the court to file. If you do not have a printer we will print the forms for you and send them in the mail (minimal printing and shipping fee will apply)

3 – Final Judgement –  Will depend if you qualify for a no court hearing divorce or if the process will be a traditional divorce process.

Qualifications for a No Court Hearing Divorce

1 – In Agreement – The divorce should be in mutual agreement. This means both parties are going to sign the divorce documents prior to filing. This applies for simple divorces or with children or joint property and liabilities. This divorce is final usually within 30 – 45 days from the date a case number is obtained. Once the case is filed we mail the final judgement to the court, the judge signs it and sends it in the mail.

2 – Missing Spouse – If the whereabouts of the other party is not known AND there are no minor children or any joint assets or liabilities. This process is split into 3 steps once the case is filed:

Step 1 – Getting publication issued 

Step 2 – Filing default paperwork once publication expires

Step 3 – Mailing of final judgement 

This divorce is final usually in 2 – 3 months.

A no court hearing process includes receiving the final judgement in the mail directly from the court.

Traditional Divorce Process

A traditional divorce requires a final hearing. 

1 – Summons – Other party is not in agreement or is incarcerated. With or without assets or children the court will expect the sheriff to get the other party served the divorce papers. The other party will have 20 calendar days to respond. Once served we will file the default (if the other party did not submit a written response to the court) and request a hearing. Most likely the next step will be to attend a mediation session. The mediator will issue a report to the judge and if all issues have been addressed and an agreement has been reached then the court will schedule a final hearing. 

2 – By Publication – If there are minor children or assets but the whereabouts of the other party is not known the court will require to show proof a search ocurred and a publication issued for 30 days announcing the divorce in a local newspaper. For more information click here: Florida divorce by publication process After the publication expires the default paperwork is filed and a final hearing is scheduled.

Our commitment to you:

A – We will never ask for more money – we are flat fee based. Option A includes the typing of the forms. Option B includes the typing, calculations of child support, efiling and ability to skip the final court hearing if your situation qualifies for the no-court divorce option. 

B – We won’t quit – Our flat fee includes support through the process. We will work with you and your spouse until you are divorced.

C – Communication – You will have access to our phone, email and whatsapp number. We will be communicating with you often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the court filing fee waived?

If you qualify, yes! We will include the Application of Indigent Status with the preparation of the rest of the documents. For more information about the court filing fee waiver click here


Can I get the divorce papers mailed to me and my spouse?

Yes, we can do that for you.


What if we did not get married in the State of Florida?

You will need to file for divorce in the State that you live in, regardless of where you got married.


How much is your flat fee?

We have 3 different flat fee brackets based on 3 questions. Requesting a free quote is the best way to get the flat fee for your case. Divorce Quote 


Can I speak with anyone on the phone?

Yes, our phone number is 800-474-1970 however due to the number of phone calls we highly recommend making an appointment here


Do I need to attend a final hearing?

Maybe. We have options for no court hearing divorces if your circumstances qualify. 

I do not know where my spouse is, can I still get divorced?

Yes, you can still get a divorce, it’s called a divorce by publication and it requires to prove to the court your spouse cannot be found, a 30 day publication has to run in a local newspaper and default paperwork needs to be filed. For more information request your free quote.


My spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, can I still get a divorced?

Yes! You can still get a divorced. If you know where he/she lives or works then a sheriff can be sent to get the divorce documents served. Your spouse will have 20 calendar days to respond. 


What if I signed up for the divorce to be in mutual agreement but my ex is playing games and is not signing the divorce documents?

No problem. We will pivot and help you get divorced no matter what without charging additional fees.


What if we have minor children, can we have the child support waived?

Child support is a statutory obligation that cannot be waived. Our office will do the calculations based on both your incomes, day care expense, medical insurance expense and out of pocket medical expenses for the children. The next layer of calculations factors in the amount of overnights at each parent’s house. Once everything is calculated the amount of child support may be extremely low or close to be waived however this is not always the case. 

Apollo Beach Divorce | Disclaimer

This website will give you access to a divorce coordinator. While a divorce coordinator can save you money, it is important that you understand that it would be unlawful for us to provide any legal advice.

If you choose to work with us we will limit ourselves to explaining the process, completing the divorce paperwork, help you file the divorce at the courthouse, etc. but we will not provide legal advice under any circumstance or represent you in court.

If you need legal advice we encourage you to contact a divorce attorney.



From our blog:

Apollo Beach Divorce

In Mutual Agreement

divorce in mutual agreement is usually the quickest way to get a divorce. This means while the romantic relationship ended both parties are in amicable terms and ready to do what’s needed in order to end their union.

This type of divorce can be done without a court hearing and finished in less than 30 days.

By Publication, Missing Spouse Divorce

If you do not know the whereabout of your spouse then a divorce by publication is the right process to follow.

Divorce by publication papers are prepared, signed in front of a notary and then filed. If the petitioner is indigent, the court will post the Notice of Action for 30 days. After the time has passed the Default and Motion for Default are filed at the courthouse.

We have a divorce by publication no-court option.

Divorce by Summons

If the relationship with your ex is toxic or if he/she is in jail you may need to use the Divorce by Summons process. This means that once the documents are prepared, signed and filed; a sheriff or process server must be hired to get your spouse served.

He or she will have 20 calendar days to respond.

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