Florida Divorce with Children Process

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Florida divorce with children

Florida Divorce with Children Process

Divorce with Children Process in Florida

We have 2 different service levels:

$99 – Divorce Forms Only

We type all the divorce forms for you, you sign them and then take them to the courthouse to file.

We will give you instructions as well as the child support guidelines for you to calculate it)


(can be paid in 2 payments)

Divorce forms typed, child support calculated, filed at the courthouse and case management until it’s final.

Here is our process for COMPLETE CASE MANAGEMENT for a Divorce with Children in Detail. There are three options for filing for this type of process and it will depend on your own circumstances.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Submit a client intake form to our office divorce-with-children
  2. We will prepare the forms based on one of the options below in 24-48 hours and email them to you for review.
  3. We will help you file the signed forms.
  4. We will facilitate preparing any additional forms or documents until the case is final.

Option 1 – Florida Divorce with Children In Mutual Agreement

No Court Divorce

While we do not endorse this process for a divorce with children, it is available in the State of Florida. This is an option for parents that have been separated for a while and have a healthy co-parenting relationship.

For legal advice please contact an attorney.

For a divorce without a court hearing (no-court divorce) the case will be filed in Lee County. It does not matter if you never lived there as long as one of you have lived in the State of Florida for the last 6 months.

This county makes the process very easy and accommodating for anyone filing for divorce.

Once filed the judge reviews the documents and mails the final judgement to you and your ex along with a copy of the parenting plan and marital settlement agreement typically within 60 days.

Traditional Divorce

If you feel that you want your case to stay local in case something on the agreement changes in the future then the case will be e-filed in your local courthouse and attending a final hearing will be required.

Option 2 – Florida Divorce with Children by Summons

This is required when your ex won’t cooperate with the process. After the forms are filed we submit the case to the local sheriff to get your ex served the divorce documents. Once served he/she will have 20 calendar days to respond in writing to the court.

When the time period expires we submit the final paperwork to get the hearing scheduled. Most of these divorces are referred to court mandated mediation prior to a final hearing being scheduled.

Option 3 – Florida Divorce with Children By Publication

This process is followed when the whereabouts of your ex are not known. The court submits an article on a local newspaper and runs it for 30 calendar days. Once it expires the proof is submitted to the court and the rest of the required documents are filed in order to obtain a hearing.

Additional Information:

  • Court filing fee waiver – Many of our clients do not have to pay the court filing fee. If the affidavit of indigent status is approved our client typically does not have to pay any other fees.
  • Parenting Class – You will be expected to submit a certificate of a 4 hour parenting class. Most jurisdictions allows the class to be taken online.
  • Once you get the divorce documents from me please review the documents for accuracy and if there are more things to consider as part of the parenting plan such as national and international travel, frequency of communications with the children, etc. Let me know your decisions on any of them and I will incorporate them in the paperwork.

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