How to find a Cheap Divorce Attorney in Florida

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How to find a Cheap Divorce Attorney in Florida

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A divorce can be a time of headaches and confusion, which can be very distressing for everyone involved. There’s usually no way to avoid some of this, but you at least want to try to minimize the pain by finding the best (and cheapest) Florida Cheap Divorce Attorney you can.

There are so many of them that you might be wondering where to start and find a Florida Cheap Divorce Attorney.

Florida Cheap Divorce AttorneyFortunately there are plenty of great resources online to help you find an attorney, such as search and comparison websites.

Here are a couple to get you started: and

These sites will bring up plenty of businesses, but when you click on ‘Fees’ you might find something like ‘credit cards accepted’ and ‘free consultation’.

This will rightly lead you to think that they’re probably not going to be very cheap.

So let’s get down to some numbers.

Some of the costs of a divorce are fixed. At the time of writing in 2015, for example the Broward Clerk of the Court charges $409.00 to file an divorce (unless found indigent) and $10.00 to issue a summons.

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Process servers generally charge approximately $50.00 to have your spouse served with the action. If your spouse already filed and you wish to file a counter-petition, the court will charge you $395.00.

The costs which are fluid are the attorney’s fees costs.

Most family law attorney will charge anywhere from $200.00 per hour to $500.00 per hour. You often pay for the time the attorney expends on your case. The more complex the divorce, the more the cost. Additional costs are mediation fees, which can run $30.00 per hour (for courthouse mediation) to $200.00-$400.00 per hour for a private mediator.

There can be additional costs for additional personnel such as court reporters, private investigators, appraisers, vocational experts, guardian ad litems, psychological evaluations and other experts, depending on the complexity of the case.

This gives you an overview of divorce costs, and some realistic expectations when you’re wondering how to find a cheap divorce attorney in Florida.

You will want to try to be sure they will not charge you for too much time.

Remember you can always negotiate with people, and since you may be in a vulnerable situation you must remember your rights. There is no law that requires a party to be represented in family law cases, although it’s usually strongly recommended. Knowing that you’re not legally required to have an attorney and also that there are plenty to choose from, however, should give you some bargaining power.

Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions when you are looking for a Florida cheap attorney and insist they keep the price down. You know it’s going to be an expense, but you have every right to find the best deal you can, as you would with any other service.

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