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Missing spouse divorce

What is a Missing Spouse Divorce?

When you don’t know where your spouse lives Many of our clients have been separated for a while and have lost track of their exes whereabouts. This is where the missing spouse or divorce by publication process comes in handy. This divorce can be a simple process however it takes a bit longer than a …

out of state divorce

Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

Filing for Divorce when Spouse Lives Out-of-State When marriages finish, partners typically go their separate ways, with only a few blocks or miles dividing the former pair. Nonetheless, in some cases partners wind up in different states. If you stay in Florida as well as have decided to apply for separation, however your spouse lives …

Sad because of the divorce

Reasons Why People Are Getting Divorced

Top 5 reasons why people get divorced in Florida.

florida quick divorce

Florida Quick Divorce

How to get a Florida Quick Divorce   Florida’s population as of 2017 has grown to 20.98 million people. This makes Florida only 8 million people less than the great State of Texas. Also comparing to 19.85 million people in the State of New York, Florida is the 3rd largest state by population in the …

Court Filing Fee Waiver

Court Filing Fee Waiver

How can I get the divorce court filing fee waiver? Also known as the application for determination of civil indigent status is the form used to get the court filing fee waived. If you are filing for divorce without an attorney, the court filing fee can become your highest expense when filing for a dissolution …

Florida fast divorce

4 Ways to get a Fast Florida Divorce

4 Best ways to get a Fast Florida Divorce 1 – Mediate with your spouse prior to filing your divorce What do mean? Try to work with your soon to be ex spouse and mediate an agreement. This is important because it will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. For this to work …

Florida divorce with children

Proceso de Divorcio con Niños Menores en la Florida

Divorcio con Niños Menores Proceso en la Florida Nuestra Tarifa: $420 (se puede pagar en 2 pagos) Aquí está nuestro proceso para un Divorcio con Niños en Detalle. Hay tres opciones para presentar para este tipo de proceso y dependerá de sus propias circunstancias. Nuestro proceso es el siguiente: Presentar un formulario de admisión del …

FL divorce with property

Florida Divorce with Property (no children)

Florida Divorce with Property and/or Liabilities (no minor children) Our fee: $320 (can be paid in 2 payments) Here is our process for a Florida Divorce with property and or liabilities in Detail. There are three options for filing for this type of process and it will depend on your own circumstances. Our process is …

Florida Online Divorce Forms

How to choose the correct Florida divorce forms One of the reasons our clients choose working with us is because they do not have to worry about what online Florida divorce forms they need to choose. Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Many of our clients contact us about filing a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. This is …

Florida simple divorce

Florida Simple Divorce

Simple Divorce Process in Florida What is a Simple Divorce in Florida? A simple divorce means there are no minor children, alimony or joint financial matters. If you are not sure your divorce is simple CLICK HERE We have a flat fee structure, work quickly and have no-court hearing options. You will have access to …