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Quick divorces

If you are looking to file for quick divorces in Florida we may be able to help you. We are not divorce attorneys and do not provide legal advice. We are legal document preparers and the scope of our work is to assist with the paperwork involved with quick divorces. The State of has residency …

Divorcio Simple

Tenemos 2 differentes opciones para un divorcio sin hijos ni finanzas en comun. Preparacion Solamente – $99 Nosotros nos encargamos de preparar los documentos.  Excluye – servicio de entrega en la corte  Documentos de divorcio seran preparados y enviados por correo electronico. Empieza tu procesode divorcio simple hoy: Servicio de Divorcio Simple en mutuo Acuerdo …

Divorce in fl

Newsletter July 2019

Wow! Can’t believe that 2019 is half way gone! And damn it’s hot! Can’t beat living in Florida though. Bunch of updates in this newsletter.

Florida Online Divorce price 2019

Florida Online Divorce Price Our Florida Online Divorce price include all of the typing, all divorce forms including the special interrogatory to have the final hearing waived and the court filing fee waiver (if applicable), we can assist you with e-filing, and any mailings necessary to the court and the parties involved. Here are our …

Cheap Divorce in FL

How to get a Cheap Florida Divorce

Cheap Divorce Florida So you need to file for a Cheap Florida divorce? This is by far the hardest decision you will ever make in your life. First, there is the emotional pain, feeling of loss, failure and state of confusion. Then it comes the realization that you need to start over, maybe find a place …

Application for determination of civil indigent status

How can I get the divorce court filing fee waived? – Application for determination of civil indigent status This is top secret stuff, the application for determination of civil indigent status is a form that many court clerks do not want you to know exist. Many people wait forever to file for divorce because they do …

How to find a Cheap Divorce Attorney in Florida

Help me Find a Florida Cheap Attorney Get a free telephone consultation here (non-attorney service): A divorce can be a time of headaches and confusion, which can be very distressing for everyone involved. There’s usually no way to avoid some of this, but you at least want to try to minimize the pain by finding …

Sad because of the divorce

Reasons Why People Are Getting Divorced

Top 5 reasons why people get divorced in Florida.

florida quick divorce

Florida Quick Divorce

How to get a Florida Quick Divorce Florida’s population as of 2017 has grown to 20.98 million people. This makes Florida only 8 million people less than the great State of Texas. Also comparing to 19.85 million people in the State of New York, Florida is the 3rd largest state by population in the United …

How to File for Divorce without attorney 1

How to File for Divorce without attorney

File for Divorce without Attorney Filing for a Florida divorce without attorney (also known as pro-se divorce) is not as complicated as many people think. Yes, there are many documents needed to file for divorce however with a little guidance anyone can file for divorce easily, especially if the divorce is in mutual agreement. Without …