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How to find a Cheap Divorce Attorney in Florida

Help me Find a Florida Cheap Attorney

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A divorce can be a time of headaches and confusion, which can be very distressing for everyone involved. There’s usually no way to avoid some of this, but you at least want to try to minimize the pain by finding the best (and cheapest) Florida Cheap Divorce Attorney you can.

There are so many of them that you might be wondering where to start and find a Florida Cheap Divorce Attorney.

Florida Cheap Divorce AttorneyFortunately there are plenty of great resources online to help you find an attorney, such as search and comparison websites.

Here are a couple to get you started: and

These sites will bring up plenty of businesses, but when you click on ‘Fees’ you might find something like ‘credit cards accepted’ and ‘free consultation’.

This will rightly lead you to think that they’re probably not going to be very cheap.

So let’s get down to some numbers.

Some of the costs of a divorce are fixed. At the time of writing in 2015, for example the Broward Clerk of the Court charges $409.00 to file an divorce (unless found indigent) and $10.00 to issue a summons.

Get Started on Your Divorce for Only $99

Process servers generally charge approximately $50.00 to have your spouse served with the action. If your spouse already filed and you wish to file a counter-petition, the court will charge you $395.00.

The costs which are fluid are the attorney’s fees costs.

Most family law attorney will charge anywhere from $200.00 per hour to $500.00 per hour. You often pay for the time the attorney expends on your case. The more complex the divorce, the more the cost. Additional costs are mediation fees, which can run $30.00 per hour (for courthouse mediation) to $200.00-$400.00 per hour for a private mediator.

There can be additional costs for additional personnel such as court reporters, private investigators, appraisers, vocational experts, guardian ad litems, psychological evaluations and other experts, depending on the complexity of the case.

This gives you an overview of divorce costs, and some realistic expectations when you’re wondering how to find a cheap divorce attorney in Florida.

You will want to try to be sure they will not charge you for too much time.

Remember you can always negotiate with people, and since you may be in a vulnerable situation you must remember your rights. There is no law that requires a party to be represented in family law cases, although it’s usually strongly recommended. Knowing that you’re not legally required to have an attorney and also that there are plenty to choose from, however, should give you some bargaining power.

Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions when you are looking for a Florida cheap attorney and insist they keep the price down. You know it’s going to be an expense, but you have every right to find the best deal you can, as you would with …

Sad because of the divorce

Reasons Why People Are Getting Divorced

Top Reasons Why

People Get Divorced

When it comes to researching divorce, social scientists have two alternatives. They can observe different couples and try to identify by themselves what anticipates completion of a marital relationship, or they can simply ask individuals why their marital relationship finished.

An expanding body of clinical research study falls under that 2nd group. Researchers either ask individuals to select from a list of potential reasons for divorce, or they ask participants to respond to a flexible question about why they divorced. A current article on Psychology Today, by the psychologist Scott M. Stanley, for instance, highlights a number of documents on individuals’s reasons for divorce.

We had a look at some of that study as well as took out seven usual factors individuals gave to discuss their divorce in Florida. Those reasons are listed here in random order.

Extramarital relations

Adultery is an usual explanation for divorce.

In one small research study, released 2013 in the journal Couple and Family Psychology, one participant defined the extramarital relations that resulted in the divorce by doing this:

” He cheated on me … After that I met somebody else and did the very same thing … Once it was all out in the open we both essentially agreed that it had not been worth attempting to make it function anymore since the damage was irreversable.”

Still, it’s worth noting that infidelity doesn’t always have to doom the marriage. The couples therapist Esther Perel previously told Business Insider that the discovery of an affair– while potentially devastating– can sometimes permit a couple to restore the kind of affection and sincerity that they had not had in years.

Chemical abuse

Drinking and/or substance abuse is frequently pointed out as the root for marital trouble.

One individual in the 2013 research study informed the scientists: “I told him ‘definitely no more bars’ and as soon as I discovered he was back in them, I requested the divorce”.

That very same research study located chemical abuse was likewise a relatively common “last straw” in the choice to end a marriage.

Absence of Commitment.

This shows up as a factor for separation in a minimum of 2 researches, each of which asked people to choose from a listing of potential factors.

In the 2013 research study, one individual stated:.

” It became an impossible situation. It reached a point where it felt like he was no longer actually happy to work on the marriage. Every one of the tensions with each other and then what appeared to be a hesitation to overcome any challenge was the last straw for me.”.

Excessive conflict and also arguing.

” We would certainly have a debate over something actually straightforward and it would become a huge battle,” a single person wrote in the 2013 study, adding: “Therefore our debates never improved they only got worse.”.

There’s no warranty that any type of conflict-management technique can avoid separation. But also for couples who feel …

florida quick divorce

Florida Quick Divorce

How to get a Florida Quick Divorce

Florida’s population as of 2017 has grown to 20.98 million people. This makes Florida only 8 million people less than the great State of Texas. Also comparing to 19.85 million people in the State of New York, Florida is the 3rd largest state by population in the United States.

With so many people living in Florida is only natural that the court system would need to accommodate legal services for all of these people, especially a Florida quick divorce.

 History of Florida quick divorce

Politifact estimated in 2012 that the divorce rate was 40%-50% in the United States. That would mean that approximately 10 million people in the State of Florida alone would be in need of divorce services. Even with the current divorce rate of 18% (as of 2016), that still means 116,666,666 people still need to go through the court system to get their dissolution of marriage.

Courts are Overwhelmed

So many people, so little time. The Florida family court found themselves in the position to find ways to alleviate the court system burden. Another problem they faced is the reality that many people could not afford to get legal assistance in Florida. This problem compounded with people trying to file for divorce without a lawyer brought issues with their filings not been complete. Paperwork incorrectly filled out, not properly signed and steps not taken by pro-se filers littered the court system with issues and pending cases.

What the Florida Court System Did

The first step the court did was to create forms that pro-se filers could use in any court in the State of Florida. These forms are available individually and each person needs to figure out what forms they need for their needs.

The second step was to create self help centers located in the busiest courthouses. These centers do not provide legal advice but they help people filing for divorce without legal representation. Their assistance is limited to helping them choose the correct forms and making sure the forms are completed and signed and notarized correctly.

A few years later they jumped on the efiling bandwagon along with many other States. While the court efiling system was not open for pro-se filers for a year, it is now available for anyone.

But before that was made available a few counties found ways to become even more efficient.

The Easiest Way to File for Divorce in Florida may not be the Quickest Way

The Florida Supreme court realized that not all divorces are created equal. Some divorces require multiple hearings and even  divorce mediation. While this is all true some divorces are super simple and can be resolved quickly.

From these discussions a version of a simple divorce was created. These version is called Florida Simplified Divorce. In theory this type of divorce is meant to make things simpler. All they had to do was sign a few forms and come to the court together to …

How to File for Divorce without attorney 1

How to File for Divorce without attorney

File for Divorce without Attorney

Filing for a Florida divorce without attorney (also known as pro-se divorce) is not as complicated as many people think.

Yes, there are many documents needed to file for divorce however with a little guidance anyone can file for divorce easily, especially if the divorce is in mutual agreement.

Without a doubt, the easiest Florida divorce available is when there are no children or assets and bills to divide. Just a few divorce forms completed and you are good to go. If the divorce is in mutual agreement then the divorce can be final within 30 days and without ever stepping in to the courthouse.

With a few forms completed then filed at the courthouse, this type of divorce is typically done within one month, as a pro-se Florida divorce and without much fanfare.

A Florida divorce can be complicated when there are properties and bills to divide but if both parties are in mutual agreement and can sit down and complete a Marital Settlement Agreement, the divorce can be finalized in a short amount of time.

Price for Divorce without an Attorney

court filing fee

Minor children born in the marriage at the time of the divorce makes for a complicated divorce. In this type of divorce a parenting plan must be attached to the divorce petition.

A few years ago a Florida divorce meant filling out papers, file them in a courthouse and then attend a hearing. If both parties were in mutual agreement the hearing would take 5 minutes.

Divorce Mediation

If the parties were not in agreement the judge would most likely have the parties attend a mediation session.

The mediator would help the parties divide their assets, liabilities and if there were children, establish a parenting plan that assured the wellbeing and safety of the children after the divorce was granted. Then the mediator would send the report to the judge and a final hearing would be scheduled where the mediator’s report would most likely be adopted.

For the most part family law is pretty clear cut as to the process and outcome of a divorce. As long as one of the parties want the divorce it’s pretty much a done deal. If there are children child support will be calculated based on the income, parenting plan and some child related expenses.

There is pretty much all that needs to be considered when you are trying to figure out how to file for a Florida divorce by yourself.

However there are times that you may wonder if you are crazy about filing for a Florida divorce without an attorney, but unless there are major issues relating to money, assets, liabilities or domestic violence, there is a possibility that you will be fine filing for divorce as a pro-se litigant.

Finally, when you file for divorce without attorney you can apply for the Application of Indigent Status. If approved you will not need to pay the court filing fee, a savings …

Court Filing Fee Waiver

Court Filing Fee Waiver

How can I get the divorce court filing fee waived?

Also known as the application for determination of civil indigent status is the form used to get the court filing fee waived. If you are filing for divorce without an attorney, the court filing fee can become your highest expense when filing for a dissolution of marriage. Unfortunately many people do not know they can have their divorce court fees waived and therefore wait forever to file for divorce. Many people living in Florida cannot afford paying the fee which is $408 currently in most Florida counties .  No one has $400 sitting around to throw at their ex.application for determination of civil indigent status

That’s because many people do not know about the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver. Many people qualify to have their divorce court filing fees waived, even if you do not qualify for government assistance.

What is the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver?

The Florida divorce court filing fee waiver is a form that’s called Application for Determination of Indigent Status, the form was created by pro-se litigants that have no income or low income. You can download  the form from the link above and then submit it with the rest of the divorce documents. The financial information provided on the form is not checked however it should match the financial affidavit.

Divorce Documents Prepared for $99

Who qualifies for the Application for determination of civil indigent status?

If your income is less than indicated below you may qualify to have your court filing fees waived:

 Household Size

 1 $23,760
 2   32,040
 3   40,320
 4   48,600
 5   56,880
 6   65,160
 7   73,460
 8   81,780

Working with a Florida divorce document preparer is the best way to avoid issues and get the waiver approved. One mistake on the form and the waiver can be denied, some courts allow payment plans while others do not.

Hiring a Florida divorce attorney while applying for a court filing fee waiver – Indigent Status

If you are planning to hire an attorney, contact your local courthouse to find out if you may still qualify for the court filing fee waiver. You may qualify if you meet the income and asset qualifications. Take this legal expense into account when deciding if you can afford to hire a divorce attorney.

Can I get my divorce court filing fees waived?

If you receive government assistance there is a big chance that you qualify for the court filing fee waiver – indigent status. If you receive assistance such as welfare, food stamps, social security income, unemployment assistance, disability or any other type of government assistance, you will most likely qualify for the court filing fee waiver. Also, keep in mind the size of your family when figuring out if you qualify based on your income. The table above will give you an idea.

Even if you are filing for a simple divorce in the State of Florida and you do not have any dependents, you …

How to prepare a divorce financial affidavit

Learn how to prepare a divorce financial affidavit

A properly prepared Florida divorce financial affidavit is the cornerstone of every single divorce proceeding. A financial affidavit not properly completed can turn what should be a straightforward process into a nightmare. Here is a guide that will explain each section of the financial affidavit and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Type a financial affidavit

How to fill out a divorce financial affidavit

1 – The correct divorce financial affidavit

Selecting the correct financial affidavit is the first step at getting this right. Luckily this is easy; there are only 2 different financial affidavits to choose from.

The short form financial affidavit is for those individuals earning less than $50,000 individual gross income, the long form financial affidavit is for those individuals earning more than that. Even a simple divorce in Florida needs a financial affidavit so it pays to read this whole article.

The only difference between both forms is the amount of questions on the expenses section of the divorce financial affidavit.  Because this is the only difference this article will concentrate on the short version.

Free Divorce Consultation

divorce financial affidavit

Get Your Divorce Documents Prepared for Only $99

$99 Divorce Preparation

2 – Employment

In this section of the Florida divorce financial affidavit you will write your occupation, the name of your employer and the business address. If you are self employed then you can write “self employed”. On the pay rate section write how much you make an hour, if you are on salary then write the gross amount of your paycheck. Then check the frequency.

Calculating your monthly income in your Florida divorce financial affidavit: this is the one area where most people make mistakes.

The Florida divorce financial affidavit must be completed using monthly income and expense amounts. If you are paid or your bills are due on a schedule which is not monthly, you must convert those amounts. Hints are provided below for making these conversions.

Hourly – If you are paid by the hour, you may convert your income to monthly as follows:

Hourly amount x Hours worked per week = Weekly amount

Weekly amount x 52 Weeks per year = Yearly amount

Yearly amount ÷ 12 Months per year = Monthly Amount

Daily – If you are paid by the day, you may convert your income to monthly as follows:

Daily amount x Days worked per week = Weekly amount

Weekly amount x 52 Weeks per year = Yearly amount

Yearly amount ÷ 12 Months per year = Monthly Amount

Weekly – If you are paid by the week, you may convert your income to monthly as follows:

Weekly amount x 52 Weeks per year = Yearly amount

Yearly amount ÷ 12 Months per year = Monthly Amount

Bi-weekly – If you are paid every two weeks, you may convert your income to monthly as follows:

Bi-weekly amount x 26 = Yearly amount

Yearly amount ÷ 12 Months per year = Monthly Amount

Semi-monthly – If you …

Florida fast divorce

4 Ways to get a Fast Florida Divorce

4 Best ways to get a Fast Florida Divorce

Divorce Quote

1 – Mediate with your spouse prior to filing your divorce

What do mean?

Try to work with your soon to be ex spouse and mediate an agreement.

This is important because it will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

For this to work all issues should be worked out among you.

It’s a bit complicated when you have minor children,but working together on your divorce will benefit the children and will avoid a lengthy divorce process.

2 – Prepare your own divorce forms

Fun fact; Florida divorce forms are available online for free.

Head on to and follow the instructions.

This can be a bit complicated but this is a very cost effective way to get your divorce quickly while saving money.

3 – Hire a document preparer

A Florida document preparer is not a paralegal since in the State of Florida paralegals can only work for attorneys while they call themselves paralegals.

Document preparers may call themselves document assistants, legal assisstants, divorce consultant and anything else within those lines.

We recommend you interview the document preparer and get a feel for their experience and work history.

A document preparer can make your Florida divorce process go faster because you will take away the guess work of completing your own forms and is familiar with the divorce process.

4 – No court hearing divorce

Qualifications vary but if your divorce is in mutual agreement you can get a divorce without going to court at all.

Also if it’s a divorce with no children and no assets but you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse you can also get a fast Florida divorce by having the court hearing waived.

This saves a lot of time since you do not have to wait for a court hearing. Getting a divorce within 30 is not unusual. For more information on no court divorce click here.

Conclusion – a Fast Florida divorce is possible

Many people when they call they ask “how long will it take?” and the answer is always it depends.

There are different circumstances that may allow for a very quick divorce but not all situations are the same. While we strive to take care of things on our end quickly, in the end the judge in the case has the last word.

How to get a fast Florida divorce in a nutshell:

  • Quickest Florida divorce – no court hearing in mutual agreement
  • Semi quick Florida divorce – no court hearing divorce by publication
  • Slow – divorce by publication with court hearing
  • Slowest – divorce by summons with court hearing

Florida has a way to waive the court hearing but not all types of divorces qualify for this benefit.

Here is a list of the type of divorce that a quick Florida divorce can be obtained:

  1. Simple divorce in mutual agreement or by publication
  2. Divorce with property in mutual agreement
  3. Divorce with children

Florida Online Divorce Forms

How to choose the correct Florida divorce forms

One of the reasons our clients choose working with us is because they do not have to worry about what online Florida divorce forms they need to choose.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

Many of our clients contact us about filing a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.

This is not a process we recommend due to the following requirement:

  • Both parties must be present at the final hearing

Sounds like this is not a big deal but it can be a problem for couples that are busy and where one party is more interested in the divorce than the other party.


Another type of divorce that we get asked a lot is an annulment.

This is another process we do not recommend because of the following:

  • The grounds for the annulment must be justified and approved by the judge.
  • Remaining married would mean breaking the law; such as when someone is already married to someone else and married you without getting a divorce first.
  • If the annulment is denied we would need to start all over again.

Simple Divorce

This is the type of divorce we mostly work with. But many people are confused about it. Here is the jist of what is a Florida simple divorce:

  • There must be no children in the marriage; even if they live outside of the country, even if the children are not from both of you. This is not the divorce you need.
  • If there are any properties or bills in question such as: joint bank accounts or credit cards, real estate, cars with both names on the title, timeshares, etc. Divide these up ahead of the divorce if you want a simple divorce.

Divorce with Children

This is complex but here it goes:

  • A divorce with children must include child support with these exceptions: unless it was established by a child support process, the timesharing and income of both parents are close to 50% as possible, the non residential parent receives income that does not qualify for child support such as disability, the nonresidential parent is missing, the nonresidential parent is in jail or otherwise cannot obtain employment.
  • A parenting plan is a requisite, this includes calculating the amount of overnights the children will spend with their non residential parent, provisions for travel, holidays, vacations, etc.
  • A four hour parenting class is required, on most occasions it can be taken online.

To get started click on the divorce you need below:

Simple Divorce

Divorce with Property (no children)

Divorce with Children

Have a question? Ask us here:…

What is the Florida Divorce Process

Florida Divorce Process

No matter what county you live in Florida the dissolution of marriage process will start with the correct divorce forms. Once that part of the process is figured out the next step would be file and then to have the judge sign a final judgement. Some divorces take longer than others and some courts take longer than others, but in general how long it takes will depend on your particular situation and the courthouse.

The Forms

Technically the Florida divorce forms are available for FREE on the website. The challenge with this website is that they are not categorized by divorce type and every county has additional forms required not published here.

The basics of a divorce form packet are:

  • Petition
  • Notice of SSN (for petitioner and if in agreement for the respondent)
  • Financial Affidavit (for petitioner and if in agreement for the respondent)
  • Notice of Related Cases (not needed in some counties)
  • Notice of Mandatory Disclosures

In addition if a divorce includes financial considerations such as properties, bills, alimony:

  • Marital Settlement Agreement (or proposed if not in agreement)

In addition if a divorce includes children:

  • Child Support Guidelines (this is where the child support is calculated based on the income chart)
  • Parenting Plan (or proposed parenting plan if not in  agreement)
  • Marital Settlement Agreement (with children stuff)
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit
  • Certificate of parenting classes for both parents

In addition, if the divorce is not in mutual agreement:

  • Summons

Or if the whereabouts of the respondent are not known:

  • Affidavit of Military Status
  • Notice of Action
  • Affidavit of Search and Inquiry

Then – if the divorce is done using the no-court divorce process:

  • Special Interrogatory to waive the court hearing
  • Final judgement with self stamped – addressed envelopes

Or if the divorce was done by summons:

  • Motion for Default/Default – if the other party failed to respond within 20 days of being served.
  • Notice of hearing – with self tamped – addressed envelopes

Same forms above are used if the divorce is by publication, once the publication ran for 30 days and the proof has been received from the newspaper.

Overwhelmed Yet?

That is the beauty of what we do at, you don’t have to worry about having the correct forms from the State, the County and what is the correct order of the forms and process to follow. We can help you with all of this AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HAVE LEGAL QUESTIONS. If you have questions regarding your legal rights please contact a divorce attorney.

Want us to help you? Contact us below and we will call you promptly with a flat fee quote:…

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Thank you for submitting your contact information.

Please note we will be calling you from a 786 area code.

While you wait you may find the following information useful

Flat Fee Price

Our price include all of the typing, all divorce forms including the special interrogatory to have the final hearing waived and the court filing fee waiver (if applicable), e-filing, and any mailings necessary.

All prices below can be split into 2 payments:

The first half will be due in the beginning (typing of the forms) and the other half will be due within 30 days 

Simple Divorce $280.00

A simple divorce is without any mutual financial considerations such as alimony, pension, properties, bills, etc.

Divorce with Property $320.00

A divorce with property details assets, pensions, alimony, bills, etc. must include a marital settlement agreement where financial considerations have to be divided, requested, etc.

Divorce with Children $420.00

A divorce with children includes the child support calculations, visitation schedule, parenting plan, marital settlement agreement and everything above.

Other Fees and Services You May Need

Court Filing Fee – $408 (may be waived)

The court filing fee can be waived if the petitioner is low income. We will be happy to prepare the form and have it filed along with the divorce process. If you do not qualify a payment plan can be implemented with the clerk of court by having the court filing fee spread into 6 months (does not apply for the no-court divorce option)

If you do not have any contact with your spouse

If you know where he/she lives your spouse must be served and a court hearing will be required.

If you do not know where he/she lives and do not have a current phone number or any other means of contacting your spouse then you will need a divorce by publication.

  • Simple divorce – can be done without a court hearing
  • Divorce with children or with property – will require a court hearing

If you do not know where your spouse lives then we will do the court mandated searches and request a publication in the local newspaper.

There may be an additional  fee for the publication. If you qualify for the court filing fee waiver then the publication will be free of charge.

Prices above DO NOT INCLUDE the court filing fee.

Notarizations – Not Included

(unless you are in the Miami/Broward area)

You must find a local notary to notarize your divorce documents. Some ideas include:

1 – Your bank – you may be able to get the forms notarized for free

2 – UPS stores – most UPS have a notary on site

3 – Insurance offices – Most insurance offices have a notary on site

4 – Craiglist – Check on the legal services section

We have a network of notaries in areas including Tampa Bay, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Process Service – Sheriff

If your divorce is by summons (NOT in mutual agreement) then your spouse …