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Sad because of the divorce

Reasons Why People Are Getting Divorced

Top 5 reasons why people get divorced in Florida.

florida quick divorce

Florida Quick Divorce

How to get a Florida Quick Divorce Florida’s population as of 2017 has grown to 20.98 million people. This makes Florida only 8 million people less than the great State of Texas. Also comparing to 19.85 million people in the State of New York, Florida is the 3rd largest state by population in the United …

How to File for Divorce without attorney

File for Divorce without Attorney Filing for a Florida divorce without attorney (also known as pro-se divorce) is not as complicated as many people think. Yes, there are many documents needed to file for divorce however with a little guidance anyone can file for divorce easily, especially if the divorce is in mutual agreement. Without …

Court Filing Fee Waiver

Court Filing Fee Waiver

How can I get the divorce court filing fee waived? Also known as the application for determination of civil indigent status is the form used to get the court filing fee waived. If you are filing for divorce without an attorney, the court filing fee can become your highest expense when filing for a dissolution …

How to prepare a divorce financial affidavit

The financial affidavit is one of the most important and complex documents in a Florida divorce process. In this article we share how to fill it out correctly.

Florida fast divorce

4 Ways to get a Fast Florida Divorce

4 Best ways to get a Fast Florida Divorce 1 – Mediate with your spouse prior to filing your divorce What do mean? Try to work with your soon to be ex spouse and mediate an agreement. This is important because it will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. For this to work …

Florida Online Divorce Forms

How to choose the correct Florida divorce forms One of the reasons our clients choose working with us is because they do not have to worry about what online Florida divorce forms they need to choose. Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Many of our clients contact us about filing a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. This is …

What is the Florida Divorce Process

Florida Divorce Process No matter what county you live in Florida the dissolution of marriage process will start with the correct divorce forms. Once that part of the process is figured out the next step would be file and then to have the judge sign a final judgement. Some divorces take longer than others and …

Thank You!

Thank you for submitting your contact information. Please note we will be calling you from a 786 area code. While you wait you may find the following information useful Flat Fee Price Our price include all of the typing, all divorce forms including the special interrogatory to have the final hearing waived and the court …

Fast Divorce Florida

3 Steps to Get a Fast Divorce in Florida

How to get a Fast Divorce in Florida Fast Divorce in Florida. When you have a made up your mind that your relationship is over you are probably wondering what is the fastest way for you to get divorced. ┬áIf you live in Florida a fast divorce is possible and affordable. MYTH or TRUTH- To …