What is the Florida Divorce Process

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What is the Florida Divorce Process

Florida divorce process

FL divorce process

Florida Divorce Process

No matter what county you live in Florida the dissolution of marriage process will start with the correct divorce forms. Once that part of the process is figured out the next step would be file and then to have the judge sign a final judgement. Some divorces take longer than others and some courts take longer than others, but in general how long it takes will depend on your particular situation and the courthouse.

The Forms

Technically the Florida divorce forms are available for FREE on the flcourts.org website. The challenge with this website is that they are not categorized by divorce type and every county has additional forms required not published here.

The basics of a divorce form packet are:

  • Petition
  • Notice of SSN¬†(for petitioner and if in agreement for the respondent)
  • Financial Affidavit (for petitioner and if in agreement for the respondent)
  • Notice of Related Cases (not needed in some counties)
  • Notice of Mandatory Disclosures

In addition if a divorce includes financial considerations such as properties, bills, alimony:

  • Marital Settlement Agreement (or proposed if not in agreement)

In addition if a divorce includes children:

  • Child Support Guidelines (this is where the child support is calculated based on the income chart)
  • Parenting Plan (or proposed parenting plan if not in ¬†agreement)
  • Marital Settlement Agreement (with children stuff)
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit
  • Certificate of parenting classes for both parents

In addition, if the divorce is not in mutual agreement:

  • Summons

Or if the whereabouts of the respondent are not known:

  • Affidavit of Military Status
  • Notice of Action
  • Affidavit of Search and Inquiry

Then – if the divorce is done using the no-court divorce process:

  • Special Interrogatory to waive the court hearing
  • Final judgement with self stamped – addressed envelopes

Or if the divorce was done by summons:

  • Motion for Default/Default – if the other party failed to respond within 20 days of being served.
  • Notice of hearing – with self tamped – addressed envelopes

Same forms above are used if the divorce is by publication, once the publication ran for 30 days and the proof has been received from the newspaper.

Overwhelmed Yet?

That is the beauty of what we do at divorceinfloridaonline.com, you don’t have to worry about having the correct forms from the State, the County and what is the correct order of the forms and process to follow. We can help you with all of this AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HAVE LEGAL QUESTIONS. If you have questions regarding your legal rights please contact a divorce attorney.

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