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Florida Uncontested Divorce

What is a Florida Uncontested Divorce?

Also known as an amicable divorce, a divorce in mutual agreement, a divorce with dignity etc.

This kind of process can be done when there is an understanding between both parties that the marriage is irrevocably over and there is no chance of reconciling their differences.

Is a Florida Uncontested Divorce better?

How to file for a Florida uncontested divorceThis kind of divorce is considered much more healthy for most individuals with the exception of when the relationship is toxic. If there have been instances of verbal abuse or physical domestic violence an uncontested divorce is not recommended.

The greatest benefit of filing for a Florida divorce is how quickly it can be finalized! Most of our customers receive their divorce in the mail between 30-45 days without ever stepping into the courthouse.

How can I convince my ex to agree with me and file for a Florida divorce?

When a relationship is over nobody is motivated to spend any more time or money on the ex. Even if it means ending it once and for all and starting over.

My personal top #1 recommendation to motivate  an ex? Open your wallet.

In our experience the best way is to agree to pay for the related fees. Yes, it sucks big time! But if you really want a quick and painless divorce this is a huge motivation for someone to cooperate in the process.

This is one of the reasons why our fees are so low, we understand that most of the time the person contacting us will be the person in charge of bearing the financial burden.

Next recommendation? Make it as EASY as possible

Our service removes the “I don’t have time” excuse so many exes use to deny you a Florida divorce.

All they have to do is sign on a dotted line. Neither of you have to go to court at all and 30-45 days you open your mailbox and #BOOM an envelope with your divorce paper is staring at you.

You do not have to see him or her again

Another benefit of our process is that neither of you have to see each other again unless you want to. There are two reasons for that. First, you can each sign your forms separately. And second, no court hearing means you do not need to see each other in court.

In our opinion, filing for a Florida uncontested divorce makes perfect sense in this modern, fast world we live in.


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