Quick divorces

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Quick divorces

Quick divorces

If you are looking to file for quick divorces in Florida we may be able to help you. We are not divorce attorneys and do not provide legal advice. We are legal document preparers and the scope of our work is to assist with the paperwork involved with quick divorces.

The State of has residency requirements that at least one of the parties has lived in the State of Florida for the last 6 months prior to filing for divorce. A divorce is also known as a dissolution of marriage. A divorce or an anullment are the only way to get a legal separation in this State.

Keep reading for the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You may also contact our office at 800-474-1970 during regular business hours. Hablamos espaƱol.

How long does it take to get quick divorces if both parties agree?

It takes approximately 30 days from the divorce process starts at the courthouse. Please keep in mind that each divorce judge has their own schedule and while we do everything in our power to get you a fast divorce we do not control the date the divorce will be signed. Our goal is to type the documents as quick as possible so that your divorce is granted quickly. Filing for an uncontested divorce decreases the timeline greatly as long as all requirements have been met.

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How can I get divorced fast?

A quick divorce will depend heavily on the divorce being an uncontested divorce. If there are any child custody issues that need to be addressed and if filing for divorce in a county that allows for an easy divorce. Because the divorces we help with are granted without a court hearing they are usually faster than filing in local courthouses.

Our process is simple: we type the documents, you (and) your spouse sign the documents in front of a notary; the case is filed and you both receive the paper in the mail.

The most important thing is to remember that both spouses being in agreement can shave weeks of waiting however we can only provide estimates since it’s not up to us as to when the judge will sign the dissolution of marriage.

How long does it take to get divorced?

It depends if the divorce is an uncontested divorce, if all requirements are completed (such as the parenting class if there are minor children in the marriage, and if the couple has resolved all their debt and other terms. If the couple reaches a mutual agreement then the days and legal fees involved will be shorter.

If your spouse must be served the papers the timeline will be unpredictable since it will require a hearing with the judge. In the case your spouse does not respond to the petition then a motion for default and default must be filed and a hearing requested.

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How do you get a divorce if you have no money?

If you need to file for divorce and you do not have any money or have a low income then you can file for divorce with the Application of Indigent Status. If you qualify the court filing fees may be waived which will save you $408 at a minimum. The form requires all income and debt are disclosed in the form when the divorce is filed.

If you hire an attorney to help you with your divorce see if you still qualify for the court filing fee waiver. Another option would be to go to the courthouse and buy a packet of forms and complete them yourself and then file them along with the court filing waiver. You will need to sign the documents in front of a notary prior to filing in the court.

What is an uncontested divorce?

If both of you agree with all the terms of your divorce and both parties are available to sign documents in front of a notary then filing for quick divorces using the uncontested divorce makes sense. This is also called a “mutual agreement” divorce.

These divorces usually take less days to complete and as long as the requirements are met you can get the divorce paper in the mail. A dissolution of marriage can be filed without a lawyer and can have a quickie resolution. Even if there are children involved it can be filed using this process.

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Is there a waiting period to get a divorce in Florida?

There is no waiting period in the State of Florida to get a divorce however if the other party is getting served divorce papers then there is a waiting period of 20 calendar days before you can proceed to doing what you need to do to get a hearing. After that you will have to wait an approximate 30-90 days to get your hearing in front of the judge. If you are low income you may qualify to get the filing fees and the sheriff fee waived. Once you get your paper you can remarry right away.

What if my spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers?

At Divorce in Florida Online we stick to what we do best and only assist with quick divorces that qualify for a no-court hearing divorce. Because a quick divorces require both parties to cooperate and reach a settlement prior to the case being filed we usually refer those clients to other Legal Document Preparers.

With that said, we understand the heavily emotional toll and if you have already become our client we will provide you with the divorce forms you will need to get your divorce rolling and get your spouse served by a sheriff.

How do I know if I qualify for a no-court hearing divorce?

A no-court hearing divorce have certain requirements, if you are interested in receiving your divorce final judgement in the mail, go through this list:

  • Divorce in mutual agreement, or
  • Simple divorce with missing spouse (by publication) – no children or property

We can help you get an easy divorce within 30 or 60 days if the requirements are met such as living in the State of Florida for the last 6 months and if there are minor children the 4 hour parenting class certificate is obtained.

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Our services are exclusively a typing service. We do not give advice about your legal rights, child support or property division. While your documents may be finalized within 30-60 days without stepping into a courthouse we cannot guarantee that will be the case. For legal advice please contact an attorney that understands family law in the State of Florida.

A word from the CEO of Divorce in Florida Online

Looking after yourself when a marriage is over (or not healthy), is extremely important. Do not neglect your selfcare and make sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy food during this trying time. Find time to reflect and avoid making decisions under anger but give yourself time to process the decisions you need to make.

If you are religious we hope you find comfort in your brothers and sisters in your faith and find solace in knowing you will be ok no matter what happens. Find what makes you sparkle and make time to find joy during these trying times. Things like getting a massage, walking in nature, spending time with pets and reading a good book can help you get out of a funk.

Quick divorces

If you have thoughts about harming yourself please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Feeling blue and depressed is normal however staying in this state is not healthy. Please seek help as soon as possible.

We pray that our clients find a place of love and peace where we are just a stepping stone of their life path. We hope to make matters easier for them and that their next stage is full of love and joy. We also want to provide a service that is fast and affordable therefore we limit to work with those that meets the no-court hearing process. Through our automated quote system we will let you know if you qualify for our process.

Quick divorces

If your spouse is a substance abuser we highly recommend the ALANON program. This organization exists to assist friends and family of alcoholics to understand and cope with the substance abuse disease. It’s an incredible resource and 100% free of charge.

Quick divorces

If you have the opportunity to work with a sponsor I highly recommend it. This organization basically saved my life when I was married with an alcoholic and drug user. This was the 1st step I took when I needed to learn how to love myself again.

We are not attorneys but through our typing service we can help you close this painful chapter in your life and propel you to the next stage of your life.

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