How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

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how to file for divorce without an attorney

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

File for Divorce in Florida without a Lawyer

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney. Filing for divorce is commonly depicted as a long legal issue with lawyers for both sides battling in the courts. Nonetheless, divorces can be carried out without attorneys included as long as both celebrations are able to consent to the regards to the divorce.


Beginning the court proceeding:

The routine process for filing for divorce starts with a petition for divorce, submitted with the circuit court in the area where you as well as your partner last lived together or in a region where either event resides. Either partner may file for divorce. The petitioner has to allege that the marriage is irretrievably broken. The application sets out what the petitioner desires from the court. The other spouse must submit an answer within 20 days of being served, addressing the issues in the first request, and also can choose to consist of a counter-petition for the divorce in Florida increasing any type of additional concerns that partner demands the court to address.

Automatic financial disclosure:

Court rules regulating a divorce in florida need that each party supply specific financial papers and also a finished economic affidavit to the other celebration within 45 days of the service of the petition or several days before any kind of momentary hearing. Failing to offer this details can cause the court dismissing the instance or otherwise thinking about that event’s demands.

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The parties filing for divorce in florida can change these demands except the declaring of an economic sworn statement, which is necessary in all situations in which economic relief is desired.

A child-support guidelines worksheet likewise have to be submitted with the court at or before any kind of hearing on child support. This need may not be waived by the celebrations or the court.


Arbitration is a procedure to help you and your spouse in working out an arrangement for reaching an arrangement without a lengthy procedure or a test. Its function is not to conserve a marriage but to help separating partners reach a solution and also arrive at reasonable terms for dealing with the split of the marriage. Lots of counties have public or court-connected mediation services available.

Some circuit court need spouses to attempt arbitration before they file for divorce or go to a last hearing (also referred to as “test”) can be established. To get more information regarding mediation, you may visit Florida Judiciaries site:

Defining settlement terms:

Some partners agree on some or all of the problems before or after the request is filed. Concerns may consist of the division of building, a parenting plan, spousal assistance, kid assistance or lawyer’s costs. Events who have actually gotten to an understanding as to their wanted result( s) enter into a written arrangement that is authorized by both events and then presented to the court.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

A divorce when there is no written agreement but have actually gotten to an understanding likewise may stand for a final hearing with a recommended settlement that they ask the court to approve as well as include into a final judgment. In such uncontested cases, a petition for dissolution can come to be final in a brief quantity of time.

Getting to an agreement equips parties to create terms with which they are more probable to comply rather than leaving decisions as much as a court.

Contested last hearing:

Lastly, some spouses can not agree on all problems, so a last hearing (or “trial”) is required. Each party will offer proof and also testimony to the judge during the final hearing, and then the court makes the final decision on the objected to problems.


Brief review:

Specific couples are eligible to liquify their marital relationship by way of a simplified procedure. This type of simplified dissolution of marriage was made so the solutions of a lawyer could not be necessary. Partners are responsible for submitting all necessary papers appropriately, as well as both events are required to show up prior to a judge together when the last simplified dissolution of marriage (divorce) is granted.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Cost-saving measures:

You can retain an attorney to represent you even in an uncontested issue. The expense for such services is normally a lot less than in an opposed instance. You can further minimize your lawyer’s charges if you make certain that you as well as your partner have actually reached a contract on all issues that would certainly require the lawyer’s work.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Another way to save money is to go to the clerk s office and pick up a packet of forms. You must agree to complete the and meet all requirements and terms and follow each step including proving you are residents and can file for a divorce Florida.

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The clerk s office cannot provide legal advice but may provide additional forms, terms and the clerk may notarize the documents for an additional fee.

Qualification needs for simplified dissolution of marriage:

Not everybody can use the simplified treatment. Couples can utilize the simplified dissolution of marriage just if all the list below demands are fulfilled:

Both events consent to making use of this type of dissolution case.

  • They have no small children (under 18) or reliant youngsters.
  • They have no followed children under the age of 18.
  • Neither one of you is pregnant.
  • At the very least 1 of the parties has actually stayed in Florida for the past six months.
  • The events have settled on the division of all of their home (possessions) and commitments (debts).
  • Neither of you is looking for alimony.
  • Both events agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

If you as well as your spouse can not fulfill every one of the above demands, you will need to comply with the procedure of the normal dissolution of marriage procedure.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Filing for divorce using a simplified method can be an issue if the work schedule of one of the parties cannot be modified or changed. Keep reading for more information on the differences between a simplied divorce or a regular divorce.

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Differences between regular as well as streamlined dissolution process:

There are considerable differences between a streamlined as well as a routine dissolution of marital relationship. In a regular petition for dissolution, each spouse has the right to examine as well as cross-examine the other as a witness.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Each spouse additionally has the capability to acquire files concerning the various other’s earnings, expenditures, properties and also financial obligations before a trial or negotiation.

You have the right to ask for bank account statements, credit card statements, svings accounts statements and anything else that may help you understand the real financial state of your spouse.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

You must make sure that your relationship has ended and the marriage is irretriebably broken. With a streamlined dissolution, economic info may be asked for by either party, yet revealing economic details is not needed.

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Florida divorce can be simplified (requires both parties to participate), regular divorce process (requires a hearing) or no-court hearing (based on certain qualifications).

Acquiring the types for streamlined dissolution process:


A regular dissolution of marriage basically means that either party can file for divorce by themselves. If the other party is not in agreement then the divorce papers are signed by both parties prior to filing. A hearing can be waived and the final judgmenet received in the mail.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

If the parties are not in agreement then the petitioner can file for a Florida divorce by summons which requires the other party to be served divorce papers. An example of a divorce needing to be by summons would be when the other party is seeking alimony and does not agree to sign the divorce documents.

In this case the divorce paperwork is filed with the circuit court and the sheriff will take care of the requirements of getting the other party served.

For legal advice on the Florida divorce process please contact divorce attorneys.


It is the general public plan of Florida to make sure that each small kid has frequent and ongoing contact with both moms and dads after the parents have separated or the marriage is dissolved and also to encourage parents to share the legal rights and duties, and pleasures, of child-rearing. The court provides both parties the very same consideration in identifying adult obligation and also time-sharing, regardless of the kid’s age or gender.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

In many cases, parental responsibility for a minor child will be shared by both parents to ensure that each keeps complete adult civil liberties and also duties relative to their child. Shared parenting needs both moms and dads to confer to ensure that significant choices impacting the welfare of the kid will certainly be identified jointly.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

If you are sure your marriage is irretrievably broken, you as well as your partner might concur, or the court might get, that one parent have the best duty over details facets of the youngster’s welfare, such as education, faith or medical and also oral needs. The clerk will certainly figure out any kind of or all of these issues if the celebrations can not agree.

In really unusual cases, the judge can give sole parental obligation to one moms and dad. To do so, the court should figure out that shared adult duty would certainly be harmful to the youngster.

In figuring out adult obligation, the court will accept or develop its own Parenting Plan, that includes duty for the day-to-day tasks of child-rearing, the time-sharing schedule, as well as decision-making authority relating to health care, school and also related activities.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

The plan additionally will define any kind of technology that will certainly be utilized for parent-child interaction. The moms and dads might settle on a Parenting Plan and also send it to the court for authorization, or the court will certainly establish these concerns. The statute includes a list of elements for the court to consider in making these decisions.

The courts utilize the best-interests-of-the-child requirement when taking into consideration adult problems.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Florida regulation calls for both parties to participate in a parenting training course prior to getting in a final dissolution of marital relationship. Some courts call for children of moms and dads undergoing dissolution of marriage to go to a class particularly created for them. Consult your area staff’s office for information on programs used.


Among the most difficult as well as complicated locations of divorces in florida is the department of assets and also financial debts. Properties might include cars, residences, retirement benefits (pension plans and 401( k) strategies), company interests, money, stocks, bonds, savings account, personal effects and also various other points of value. Financial debts (likewise called “responsibilities”) include mortgages, auto loan, credit card accounts and other amounts of money you and your spouse owe to 3rd parties.

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Before you file for a regular dissolution of marriage make sure your marriage is irretrievable broken. There are two types of properties and financial obligations for a divorce in Florida— nonmarital and marital. Typically, any type of asset or financial debt acquired during the marital relationship is taken into consideration marital and based on distribution. The parties also may have properties or financial debts that are taken into consideration nonmarital as well as need to be awarded to just one party. If there is no way to fix your relationship your marriage is irretrievably broken.

how to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney

Florida laws and case law offer an “equitable distribution” of marriage assets as well as financial debts. Although the court needs to begin with the anticipation that all marriage possessions as well as financial obligations are to be divided equally (50 percent each) in between the events, the divorce court might disperse the marriage estate rather or equitably (not necessarily equally) between the parties, despite how title is held. A court makes a decision equitable circulation before thinking about alimony. Equitable circulation is based upon a long list of aspects the court is called for to consider.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Variables to be considered by the court include the payment of each spouse to the marriage; the duration of the marital relationship; and the financial circumstances of each partner. The court should authorize your divorce agreement if the court locates it to be affordable.

If you and also your spouse can not concur, the court will certainly separate the properties and also financial debts throughout test.


After equitable circulation, the court might think about an alimony award. The court might give alimony to either spouse. For the court to honor spousal support, the asking for partner has to demonstrate a demand for alimony and the ability of the various other party to pay. When the requesting spouse has established a demand and a capacity to pay, the court has to establish all pertinent aspects to the divorce and identify the residential or commercial property type and quantity of spousal support to award.

For functions of identifying spousal support, there is a rebuttable anticipation that a short-term marital relationship is a marital relationship having a period of less than 7 years, a moderate-term marriage is a marriage having a period of more than 7 years yet less than 17 years, as well as a long-term marital relationship is a marriage having a period of 17 years or greater. The size of a marriage is the period of time from the date of marital relationship till the day of declaring of an action for the divorce.

Bridge-the-gap alimony might be awarded in a divorce in florida to assist a partner make a transition from being wed to being single. Bridge-the-gap spousal support is created to aid a partner with legit, identifiable short-term requirements. There are limitations as to the length and problems of a bridge-the-gap spousal support honor.

Corrective spousal support might be awarded to help a spouse in developing the capacity for self-support through either the redevelopment of previous skills or qualifications, or the procurement of education, training or job experience necessary to establish ideal employment skills or credentials. The court has to express a specific corrective plan to honor spousal support so both celebrations clearly comprehend the assumptions positioned on the alimony recipient.

Durational alimony might be granted when long-term regular spousal support is unacceptable. The purpose of durational alimony is to offer a spouse with economic assistance for a collection time period adhering to a marital relationship of short or moderate duration or adhering to a marital relationship of long duration if there is no continuous requirement for assistance on a permanent basis. There are constraints regarding the length as well as modifiability of a durational alimony honor.

Permanent spousal support may be granted to provide for the demands and needs of life as they were established throughout the marriage of the parties for a spouse who does not have the financial capability to meet the demands as well as necessities of life complying with a petition for dissolution of marital relationship. There are constraints as to when a court may award irreversible routine alimony, specifically for marital relationships of brief or moderate period.

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How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

A few of the factors the divorce court thinks about when establishing the type and amount of the alimony award include, however are not limited to:

The celebrations’ previous standard of life.

Size of the marriage.

Age and also physical as well as psychological condition of both spouses.

Each spouse’s funds as well as income-producing capacity of the assets they obtain.

The moment essential to obtain enough education or training to discover appropriate employment.

The solutions made in homemaking, child-rearing and also the education and also career-building of the other spouse.

The court might take into consideration any other element required to do equity and also justice in between the spouses.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

You have the right to get information regarding your partner’s earnings and possessions through the use of discovery treatments. Exploration consists of the exchange of papers and response to created or dental inquiries.


There are very important tax obligation factors to consider in any kind of dissolution of marital relationship, consisting of the dependence reduction for kids, taxability as well as deductibility of kid assistance as well as alimony in their numerous forms, and also effects of property transfers.

Know the tax effects of your settlement contract prior to finalizing your divorce. It may be too late after the finalizing of a marital settlement agreement or entry of a last judgment to correct errors that have been made.

You may wish to acquire the services of an accounting professional together with your attorneys to become better informed about this part of the dissolution procedure.


You as well as your partner each have an obligation to economically sustain your children based on your income as well as their demands. Youngster assistance might be by direct repayment or by indirect advantages, such as home loan settlements, insurance coverage or payment of medical and also dental expenditures. Ordinarily, the commitment to sustain your youngster finishes when that kid reaches age 18, marries, is emancipated, joins the armed forces or passes away.

Some of the problems concerning youngster support that need to be thought about consist of:

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

The amount of support.

The method of settlement.

Ways to make sure settlements are made.

When child support might be enhanced or lowered.

Who declares the reliance reduction for tax functions.

Other questions might need to be answered, depending on the scenarios of your situation. Guidelines for the amount of assistance put on all cases and also are based on the earnings of the parents and also the number of kids, with changes for considerable over night call.

If you have a problem receiving assistance repayments from your spouse or former partner, or the time-sharing strategy is not being adhered to, you ought to bring this matter to the focus of the court. It is not legal to hold back time-sharing or child-support payments because either moms and dad fails to pay court-ordered youngster support or breaches the time-sharing routine in the parenting strategy.


Florida regulation allows the court to restore the previous name of a spouse in a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. A partner who needs restoration of a name need to request it, generally within the original request or a counter-petition for dissolution of marriage. The court can bring back the spouse only to the name from immediately prior to the marriage. A spouse who desires to change a name to anything apart from the previous name normally needs to take extra steps.


The charges and costs for dissolution of marital relationship instances differ widely. The even more complex as well as the a lot more disputed the problems, the much more the dissolution will set you back.

At a preliminary conference, your lawyer may have the ability to give an estimate of the overall price of a dissolution based upon the info you give; nonetheless, bear in mind that your attorneys has no chance to forecast the future and that estimates are specifically that– quotes. The last expense of your dissolution of marital relationship will certainly depend on several variables that are unpredictable.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

Your attorneys will certainly expect you to pay a charge as well as the expenses of litigation according to the contract you make. Occasionally the court will buy your partner to pay component or all of your cost and prices, however such awards are uncertain as well as can not be relied upon. You are largely in charge of the settlement of your lawful charges.

In a petition for dissolution of marriage, it is prohibited for Florida attorneys to work on a contingency charge basis (that is, where the lawyer’s charge is based upon a percent of the amount awarded to the client).


If you really feel the court’s choice was incorrect, you may appeal that choice, provided that particular time-sensitive procedural actions are adhered to.

A Florida divorce court does not, nonetheless, commonly turn around a test judge’s choice, since the judge has broad discernment in dissolution of marriage situations. If the trial court makes a mistake of legislation or there is an abuse of discernment, the divorce court may turn around the choice.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

The success of your claim will certainly be limited if your only reason for appeal is displeasure with the court’s choice. You have to decide swiftly whether to appeal the final judgment, due to the fact that an allure has to be submitted within 1 month from the date that the order you are appealing is filed in the lower tribunal or court, or 1 month from the day that an order on an activity tolling the moment to allure is filed.


A great place to start is with your very own lawyer, who can offer you a quick evaluation of your legal rights as well as encourage you just how to continue. If your divorce lawyer does not handle dissolution of marriage instances, you might be referred to a family members law lawyer.

If, nonetheless, your favored lawyer has actually been preserved by your spouse, then that very same lawyer can not also represent you. In fact, if the divorce attorney has been your household lawyer, there may be a dispute of rate of interest implying the attorney can not stand for either of you. Do not try to speak with your partner’s lawyer to receive lawful suggestions.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

It is dishonest for a divorce attorney to represent both celebrations in a dissolution activity and to provide legal advice to both spouses.


If you do not have an attorney, an attorney recommendation solution, generally run by a regional bar association, can put you in contact with an attorney that deals with such situations.

If you need legal advice , The Florida Bar’s Attorney Reference Service can situate a lawyer for you. You can call the statewide service, toll-free, at (800) 342-8011, or you can view the Attorney Search section on The Florida Bar Household Regulation Area’s internet site at

Streamlined Dissolution of Marital Relationship

Florida divorce law provides a procedure called a ‘Simplified Dissolution of Marital Relationship.’ Those filing for divorce can use this process and get a quick divorce, concerning 30 days from submitting to completion, as long as they have total agreement on the regards to the divorce and also it’s uncontested.

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This does have some demands that must be satisfied, however. Along with both events consenting to this process, the couple should not have any kids under 18 or reliant youngsters, the spouse should not be expecting, as well as no alimony can be included.

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

At the very least one of the people involved must have resided in Florida for the last six months, and also both celebrations have to concur fully to the regards to the separation and that the marriage is irretrievably damaged. This procedure additionally removes both parties’ legal rights to a trial and appeals.

Certifications for Divorce

The very first step is to ensure your marriage qualifies for divorce in Florida. The state is just one of numerous that has gotten rid of fault as a required grounds for divorce. Rather, it must only be confirmed that the marital relationship is “irretrievably damaged,” though mistake can still be made use of in the division of assets and designating alimony if the divorce litigates. In such a situation, however, the attorney will certainly require to be entailed to lead you via the legal process.

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To maintain Florida lawyers and their costs from entering into the process, both events will certainly have to agree the marriage is damaged and also can not be dealt with. There need to also be evidence that the marriage really exists to start with, and that at least one party has actually resided in Florida for the past 6 months.

Documents You Need to file for divorce

When the two sides have consented to the divorce, paperwork should be filled out. The clerk for the Florida State offer all of the forms online, and you can locate them here:

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

The forms can be tricky, and also as soon as they are become part of court they can not be changed. You can get some aid completing them without a lawyer by getting the service of a document preparer.

Without being a lawyer, their fees will frequently be considerably less.

Court Procedure

Though you will not be having a trial, you will certainly still need to show up in court before a court. Also, if kids are involved, you will certainly be needed to complete a Division of Children and also Households authorized parenting program.

Be sure to take a Final Decree with you for the judge to authorize. The Florida clerks business office will certainly make sure the necessary documentation has been completed within the standards of the legislation as well as may ask some basic questions regarding the information on the types.

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However, the court will not supply legal advice or give a complete auditing of the documentation. Once the court signs the Divorce papers, take them to the circuit clerk to file it.

You ought to additionally request a certified copy of your Florida divorce paper to keep for your records.

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