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Florida Online Divorce Forms

How to choose the correct Florida divorce forms

One of the reasons our clients choose working with us is because they do not have to worry about what online Florida divorce forms they need to choose.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

Many of our clients contact us about filing a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.

This is not a process we recommend due to the following requirement:

  • Both parties must be present at the final hearing

Sounds like this is not a big deal but it can be a problem for couples that are busy and where one party is more interested in the divorce than the other party.


Another type of divorce that we get asked a lot is an annulment.

This is another process we do not recommend because of the following:

  • The grounds for the annulment must be justified and approved by the judge.
  • Remaining married would mean breaking the law; such as when someone is already married to someone else and married you without getting a divorce first.
  • If the annulment is denied we would need to start all over again.

Simple Divorce

This is the type of divorce we mostly work with. But many people are confused about it. Here is the jist of what is a Florida simple divorce:

  • There must be no children in the marriage; even if they live outside of the country, even if the children are not from both of you. This is not the divorce you need.
  • If there are any properties or bills in question such as: joint bank accounts or credit cards, real estate, cars with both names on the title, timeshares, etc. Divide these up ahead of the divorce if you want a simple divorce.

Divorce with Children

This is complex but here it goes:

  • A divorce with children must include child support with these exceptions: unless it was established by a child support process, the timesharing and income of both parents are close to 50% as possible, the non residential parent receives income that does not qualify for child support such as disability, the nonresidential parent is missing, the nonresidential parent is in jail or otherwise cannot obtain employment.
  • A parenting plan is a requisite, this includes calculating the amount of overnights the children will spend with their non residential parent, provisions for travel, holidays, vacations, etc.
  • A four hour parenting class is required, on most occasions it can be taken online.

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Simple Divorce

Divorce with Property (no children)

Divorce with Children

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