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Flat Fee Price

Our price include all of the typing, all divorce forms including the special interrogatory to have the final hearing waived and the court filing fee waiver (if applicable), e-filing, and any mailings necessary.

All prices below can be split into 4 payments through Paypal:

Simple Divorce $280.00

A simple divorce is without any mutual financial considerations such as alimony, pension, properties, bills, etc.

Divorce with Property $430.00

A divorce with property details assets, pensions, alimony, bills, etc. must include a marital settlement agreement where financial considerations have to be divided, requested, etc.

Divorce with Children $620.00

A divorce with children includes the child support calculations, visitation schedule, parenting plan, marital settlement agreement and everything above.

Other Fees and Services You May Need

Court Filing Fee – $408 (may be waived)

The court filing fee can be waived if the petitioner is low income. We will be happy to prepare the form and have it filed along with the divorce process. If you do not qualify a payment plan can be implemented with the clerk of court by having the court filing fee spread into 6 months (does not apply for the no-court divorce option)

If you do not have any contact with your spouse

If you know where he/she lives your spouse must be served and a court hearing will be required.

If you do not know where he/she lives and do not have a current phone number or any other means of contacting your spouse then you will need a divorce by publication.

  • Simple divorce – can be done without a court hearing
  • Divorce with children or with property – will require a court hearing

If you do not know where your spouse lives then we will do the court mandated searches and request a publication in the local newspaper.

There may be an additional  fee for the publication. If you qualify for the court filing fee waiver then the publication will be free of charge.

Prices above DO NOT INCLUDE the court filing fee.

Notarizations – Not Included

(unless you are in the Miami/Broward area)

You must find a local notary to notarize your divorce documents. Some ideas include:

1 – Your bank – you may be able to get the forms notarized for free

2 – UPS stores – most UPS have a notary on site

3 – Insurance offices – Most insurance offices have a notary on site

4 – Craiglist – Check on the legal services section

We have a network of notaries in areas including Tampa Bay, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Process Service – Sheriff

If your divorce is by summons (NOT in mutual agreement) then your spouse will need to be served the divorce papers. Prices vary per state, county and even area. We will be glad to help you find a professional process server or sheriff in the area where your spouse lives.

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Florida Cheap Divorce guaranteedOur service is 100% guaranteed. We will not stop working with you until your divorce is final and we will NEVER ask you for more money under reasonable circumstances. For example, if we prepare a divorce in mutual agreement however your spouse changes his or her mind, we will make the proper adjustments at no extra charge.

However please note we will not issue a refund for services rendered in case of a reconciliation unless we have not started the work. While we will be joyful for you however if we have prepared the forms and we have emailed them to you we will keep the deposit and if we have already filed the divorce we will keep the full amount. In this scenario we will prepare and e-file a motion to stop the divorce free of charge as long as the divorce has not deemed final by the judge. In the case that the forms have not been emailed to you we will refund you 100% of the money.


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