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Florida simple divorce

Simple Divorce by Publication

Simple Divorce by Publication in Florida A simple divorce by publication means 3 things: You do not know the whereabouts of your spouse or your spouse lives in a country where due process is difficult (such as Cuba, etc) There are no minor children in the relationship There are no pending financial matters such as …

Missing spouse divorce

What is a Missing Spouse Divorce?

When you don’t know where your spouse lives Many of our clients have been separated for a while and have lost track of their exes whereabouts. This is where the missing spouse or divorce by publication process comes in handy. This divorce can be a simple process however it takes a bit longer than a …

Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State Filing for Divorce when Spouse Lives Out-of-State When marriages finish, partners typically go their separate ways, with only a few blocks or miles between them. Nonetheless, in some cases partners wind up in different states. If you stay in Florida as well as have decided to file for divorce, however your …

Florida Divorce by Publication

Florida Divorce by Publication ProcessĀ  A Florida divorce by publication (also known as a missing spouse divorce, one signature divorce) is used when the whereabouts of the other party are not known. This replaces the typical process of service. If you have any legal questions please contact a Florida divorce attorney. A simple divorce with …

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