Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

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Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State

Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

Filing for Divorce when Spouse Lives Out-of-State

When marriages finish, partners typically go their separate ways, with only a few blocks or miles between them.

Nonetheless, in some cases partners wind up in different states.

If you stay in Florida as well as have decided to file for divorce, however your spouse lives somewhere else, you can still get divorced, although there may be several limitations to consider.


In Florida, divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage.”

To apply for dissolution of marriage in Florida, either your or your partner has to have resided in the state for at the very least 6 months before filing for divorce.

If this residency requirement is fulfilled, you may file for divorce in Florida, even if your spouse lives out-of-state.

Choosing your Divorce Process

The first thing to consider is are you in contact with your ex?

You are in contact

If you are still able to communicate with your soon to be ex and the relationship your spouse can sign divorce documents.

This will allow you to get a no-court hearing divorce.

In this type of case neither of you need to go to court. Even if you have children together, this may be a great option for you.

You are not in contact

If you have no way of communicating with your ex and you do not know the whereabouts then a divorce by publication may be an option for you.

You are in contact but…

If you are aware of his address but the relationship is toxic then a divorce by summons will be the way to go.

Can I File For Divorce in Florida If My Spouse Is Out-of-State?

Yes you can! We can help you file for divorce if your spouse does not live in Florida as long as you have lived in Florida for the last 6 months. Fill out the form below to speak to a Divorce Consultant today.

PS – We are not divorce attorneys and do not provide legal advice. For legal advice please contact a divorce lawyer in your area.


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Divorce when Spouse Out-of-State

You can get a divorce even if your spouse lives outside of Florida or even outside the country.

The process will depend on your relationship with your ex and even the location.