Court Filing Fee Waiver

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Court Filing Fee Waiver

Court Filing Fee Waiver

How can I get the divorce court filing fee waived?

Also known as the application for determination of civil indigent status is the form used to get the court filing fee waived. If you are filing for divorce without an attorney, the court filing fee can become your highest expense when filing for a dissolution of marriage. Unfortunately many people do not know they can have their divorce court fees waived and therefore wait forever to file for divorce. Many people living in Florida cannot afford paying the fee which is $408 currently in most Florida counties .  No one has $400 sitting around to throw at their ex.application for determination of civil indigent status

That’s because many people do not know about the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver. Many people qualify to have their divorce court filing fees waived, even if you do not qualify for government assistance.

What is the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver?

The Florida divorce court filing fee waiver is a form that’s called Application for Determination of Indigent Status, the form was created by pro-se litigants that have no income or low income. You can download  the form from the link above and then submit it with the rest of the divorce documents. The financial information provided on the form is not checked however it should match the financial affidavit.

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Who qualifies for the Application for determination of civil indigent status?

If your income is less than indicated below you may qualify to have your court filing fees waived:

 Household Size

 1 $23,760
 2   32,040
 3   40,320
 4   48,600
 5   56,880
 6   65,160
 7   73,460
 8   81,780

Working with a Florida divorce document preparer is the best way to avoid issues and get the waiver approved. One mistake on the form and the waiver can be denied, some courts allow payment plans while others do not.

Hiring a Florida divorce attorney while applying for a court filing fee waiver – Indigent Status

If you are planning to hire an attorney, contact your local courthouse to find out if you may still qualify for the court filing fee waiver. You may qualify if you meet the income and asset qualifications. Take this legal expense into account when deciding if you can afford to hire a divorce attorney.

Can I get my divorce court filing fees waived?

If you receive government assistance there is a big chance that you qualify for the court filing fee waiver – indigent status. If you receive assistance such as welfare, food stamps, social security income, unemployment assistance, disability or any other type of government assistance, you will most likely qualify for the court filing fee waiver. Also, keep in mind the size of your family when figuring out if you qualify based on your income. The table above will give you an idea.

Even if you are filing for a simple divorce in the State of Florida and you do not have any dependents, you may qualify to have the court filing fees excused if you make less than $1,600 a month average so it is worth to try.

How can I get assistance with my divorce?

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Court Filing Fee Waiver

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