Florida No-Court Divorce – Is It Real?

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Florida No-Court Divorce – Is It Real?

How Can I Get a Florida No-Court Divorce in Florida?

Florida No-Court Divorce is the  answer to our modern busy lifestyle. What used to be a time consuming process it can all now be done by the internet, emails and regular mail. The process takes less than 45 days from filing to receiving the divorce decree.

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You can get a quick Florida no-court divorce as long as:

  1. Both of you are in mutual agreement over any assets, bills, children issues, etc.
  2. You know where the other party lives and he/she is going to be happy to sign divorce papers emailed or mailed to him/her.
  3. One of you has lived in the State of Florida within the last six months.

If you can meet the criteria above then you qualify to get a divorce within 45 days in the mail WITHOUT HAVING TO ATTEND A COURT HEARING.

It does not matter what county you live in. If you live in Orange, Hillsborough, Miami, Broward, Monroe, West Palm Beach, or any other county in Florida.

We can help you file a Florida no-court divorce using the online court portal and have the judge mail to you and your spouse the final judgement without ever stepping into a courthouse.

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The Florida no-court divorce process is simple:

  1. Submit the form below. Someone from our office will call you and discuss your particular situation. A flat-fee will be discussed with payment options.
  2. We will email your completed divorce papers. You will sign them and email them back to us.
  3. We can help you e-file your divorce case in the court’s internet portal, you will get a case number within 24 hours.
  4. Approximately 45 days later you will receive your dissolution of marriage in the mail, right from the court.

NOTE: You may qualify to have the court filing fee waived (saving of $409) if you qualify. Check the link for more details.

Florida divorce papers

What Types of Divorce Qualify for a No Court Hearing Divorce

Simple Divorce

Simple divorce (no minor children or financial entanglements)

YES – In Agreement

YES – By Publication

NO – By Summons

Divorce with Property

Divorce with financial entanglements but no children

YES – In Agreement

NO – By Publication

NO – By Summons

Divorce with Children

Divorce with Minor Children

YES – In Agreement

NO – By Publication

NO – By Summons

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“After trying to find a reasonably priced divorce in Miami lawyer on my tight budget (unsuccessful) and attempting to figure out required divorce paperwork on my own (miserable failure) I google searched and chose to go to Apex for help with my divorce. Over the phone and in person, Patricia explained the process, was up front and honest with what I could expect and the fees were more than reasonable. Yamile made the process comfortable and was extremely thorough with our particular needs and situation. She was knowledgeable and helped answer my questions much to my satisfaction. Fortunately my ex was willing to work with us to facilitate the process as well so we were granted our divorce only a month and a half after we started paperwork. My experience with  was incredible – everything I needed to make a difficult situation less so. I followed up my divorce with relocation papers and knew the only place I wanted to turn to was them. I’ve recommended their services to friends and family knowing they will be in good hands. Thank you so much  :-)”

Florida No-Court Divorce Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – Is a Florida no-court divorce legal?

Yes it is. There are a few counties in the State of Florida that uses a special interrogatory in order to bypass the final hearing. Per the Florida statutes as long as one of the spouses live in the State of Florida, then the divorce can be done at any court in Florida as long as both parties are in mutual agreement.

2 – What about the proper venue issue?

As long as both parties are in agreement, then the proper venue is any venue in Florida.

3 – Will this divorce be acceptable by the Homeland Security for immigration purposes?

Absolutely. After receiving your divorce decree in the mail you only need to request a certified copy of the divorce decree and you are good to go.

4 – What if I already have a divorce packet from the courthouse near me?

If you already completed and signed the packet we may be able to use it. We would have to review it first to make the determination of what would be needed in order to make it comply with the no-court process. If most of the paperwork is completed and signed correctly we will be happy to provide a discount.

5 – What if I already filed the divorce in the courthouse, can I waive the final court hearing?

Most likely no. Unless you filed in one of the courthouses around the State that allows to waive the court hearing. If you feel strongly about having the court hearing waived you would need to cancel the current divorce proceeding and start over. It may be possible to use the same divorce forms however it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

6 – What if my soon to be ex decides not to sign?

Unfortunately that happens on occasion. The divorce forms can still be used with a few changes (which we will make free of charge), we will file the forms at your local courthouse through the court’s online portal and submit the summons to the local sheriff where your ex lives. Once he/she gets served we will wait the mandated 20 calendar days and file a request for hearing.

You will be responsible for attending any hearings, mediations, etc.

We will NEVER charge you more than the flat fee we agreed upon.

7 – Will I be able to talk to someone through the process?

Absolutely, once you contact us we will give you our personal numbers, emails etc. but please understand that we are not attorneys. We can only talk about your process, paperwork, etc. we cannot provide any legal advice. For legal advice we encourage you to contact the attorney of your choice.

8 – What if we have children?

We can help anyone file for a Florida No-Court divorce as long as both parties are in agreement with the child support, visitation, parenting plan, division of assets, liabilities and such. Part of our job will be to make the pertinent calculations needed per the Florida State law regarding child support.

We will be happy to share how we came up with the numbers to both parties via Facetime, Skype or telephone conference call.

This part of the process can be very delicate, we will do our best to explain this process with tact and thoroughness to both of you.

9 – Can I get the court filing fees waived with a Florida No-Court Divorce?

Yes you can. We will be happy to complete the Affidavit of Indigent Status form (also known as the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver) and include it with the Florida No-Court Divorce paperwork. Ask us about the eligibility for the Florida divorce court filing fee waiver.

Let us know if you have any more questions about the Florida No-Court Divorce not answered here and we will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.