Should I file for divorce?

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Should I file for divorce?

My wife(25F) left me(30M) a little over a month ago. We had only been married for 6 months before one moment she was by my side, to the next where we had the “talk” and she wanted a divorce. There was nothing I could say or do to win her back, she was already 110% sure she had moved on. She grabbed all her things and next thing I knew she had removed every communication we had, only texting regarding the essential assets she uses that belong to me and the process to change them over to her.

She doesn’t have a lot of money and so through this process she’s been having a hard time trying to pay for her essentials, let alone the money to file for the divorce. She’s waiting for her summer financial aid to see what she can cover in the divorce. My family wants to help me move on if there’s nothing I can do to win her back and she’s made her decision to leave. They’ve helped me get in contact with a divorce lawyer and I am wondering if I should go ahead and file the divorce for her.


I love this woman more than anything in this world. For 9 years I did as much as I could for our relationship and to make sure she would be happy and taken care of while she was with me and going to school to graduate. I feel I was doing so much for the relationship I lost focus of her and so somehow, at some point, she felt out of love for me. I tried to ask her if we could go to counseling, if there was anything that we could do to make it work. But, she said it was too late and it wasn’t possible. A relationship takes two and I can’t force her to change her feelings. All I want is for her to be happy, so I have the opportunity to give her one final gift. To pay for the divorce papers so she can move on.

The thought of her being gone hurts me more than anything and I’ve gone through so much pain and sorrow in the last month and I know there are more months/years to come of these feelings. I can’t tell if I’m just riding the high of this wave of emotions before it all comes tumbling down to have this thought in my mind right now but I truly want what is best for her in this and it’s the love I have for her that wants her to be happy, even if it breaks my heart.

I’ve been seeing a therapist who has been helping me focus on me and doing what I need to in order to move forward. My friends and family have also been great support during this time. I can’t tell if doing this only a month into this divorce is too early but if she’s set in her mind that it’s over then waiting for her to obtain the funds to file for the divorce is only prolonging the process of moving forward.

TL;DR My wife can’t obtain the funds to get a divorce. Should I go ahead and file the divorce to help her move on?

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