Father Fighting for Full Custody

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Father Fighting for Full Custody

Posted by: Anonymous

This is really hard for me to seek help but I know this would be the group to do it in!

So about a year ago I separated from my ex husband and He’s a veteran. He met this now gf in July and moved in with her in November and since then it’s been hell. Finally got the divorce papers that came with a parenting plan and he’s fighting for full custody of our four kids despite them living with me and me being that one that have taken care of them all their lives (he was around but I was the more “present” parent)

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I only have a few days to object to this plan otherwise it will go into play according to the paper work.

I’m clueless at this point on who to talk to or what to do or if I should get a lawyer (which is another issue because newly single mom of four my income is limited and he doesn’t help out at all) can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I would greatly appreciate it!

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