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Florida Quick Divorce

How to get a Florida Quick Divorce

Florida’s population as of 2017 has grown to 20.98 million people. This makes Florida only 8 million people less than the great State of Texas. Also comparing to 19.85 million people in the State of New York, Florida is the 3rd largest state by population in the United States.

With so many people living in Florida is only natural that the court system would need to accommodate legal services for all of these people, especially a Florida quick divorce.

 History of Florida quick divorce

Politifact estimated in 2012 that the divorce rate was 40%-50% in the United States. That would mean that approximately 10 million people in the State of Florida alone would be in need of divorce services. Even with the current divorce rate of 18% (as of 2016), that still means 116,666,666 people still need to go through the court system to get their dissolution of marriage.

Courts are Overwhelmed

So many people, so little time. The Florida family court found themselves in the position to find ways to alleviate the court system burden. Another problem they faced is the reality that many people could not afford to get legal assistance in Florida. This problem compounded with people trying to file for divorce without a lawyer brought issues with their filings not been complete. Paperwork incorrectly filled out, not properly signed and steps not taken by pro-se filers littered the court system with issues and pending cases.

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What the Florida Court System Did

The first step the court did was to create forms that pro-se filers could use in any court in the State of Florida. These forms are available individually and each person needs to figure out what forms they need for their needs.

The second step was to create self help centers located in the busiest courthouses. These centers do not provide legal advice but they help people filing for divorce without legal representation. Their assistance is limited to helping them choose the correct forms and making sure the forms are completed and signed and notarized correctly.

A few years later they jumped on the efiling bandwagon along with many other States. While the court efiling system was not open for pro-se filers for a year, it is now available for anyone.

But before that was made available a few counties found ways to become even more efficient.

The Easiest Way to File for Divorce in Florida may not be the Quickest Way

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The Florida Supreme court realized that not all divorces are created equal. Some divorces require multiple hearings and even  divorce mediation. While this is all true some divorces are super simple and can be resolved quickly.

From these discussions a version of a simple divorce was created. These version is called Florida Simplified Divorce. In theory this type of divorce is meant to make things simpler. All they had to do was sign a few forms and come to the court together to file and then about a month later come together to the hearing.

Keyword: “together”. This has proven to be an impossibility to many people filing for a Simplified divorce.

With people’s busy lifestyle showing up to court has proven to be a deterrent for this type of divorce. Many filers are emotionally checked out of the relationship long before they file and doing anything together seems like a very uncomfortable undertaking for them.

We have heard of people getting the paperwork signed and then not being able to file it because the other party does not have time to go to court.

A More Viable Option

Because of these reasons some Florida counties came up with the idea of offering a no-court hearing divorce.

In this option the forms are e-filed and a final judgement is mailed to the couple. All within 30-45 days.  While this process has been available now for a few years it still faces skepticism.

With this in mind we did our research and found that indeed this is a viable option and there are many service providers offering the Florida quick divorce option.

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Not every divorce qualifies for the fast divorce option. From what we found a divorce where a summons is required does not qualify. Also when there are children and one of the parties is missing cannot file for this type of divorce.

Receiving the filing judgement in the mail is a huge advantage since there is no hearing to attend. People do not have to take time off from work and do not have to be embarrassed in front of a judge and their ex.

Many people filing for divorce using the no-court hearing process do not even have to see each other during the divorce process.

The most complete website we found is divorceinfloridaonline.com,  in this website they explain the requirements, option and time it takes to get a Florida quick divorce.


Not all Florida counties are created equal. Some counties have an expedited divorce process and allow anyone living in Florida to file for divorce using their court.

Types of Divorce

There are 3 types of divorce:

Out of these types there are three paths that will depend on the relationship of the respondent:

  • In Agreement – when both parties are involved in the process and in agreement
  • By Publication – where the whereabouts of the respondent are not known
  • By Summons – when the other party is not willing to engage in the process

Florida Quick Divorce Providers

Choosing a Florida quick divorce provider can be tricky with so many websites claiming they can get the divorce done quickly.  Do your research carefully and make sure there are review to back up their claims.

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In closing, a Florida quick divorce is a great option if you qualify. Getting a divorce final judgement mailed to you in less than 45 days is a great option for busy people. While you can get a divorce quickly you need to make sure you understand the requirements and the forms needed. Hiring a professional may be a great option to help you with this process.