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What Should I do? 1

What Should I do?

By: Anonymous

I work full time roughly 13 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week. He works full time and makes more money than I do, even with winter layoffs. I pay the mortgage , utilities , my car payment , medical insurance on family of 6, groceries, toiletries, kids tuition and sports!

Not only that after working all day I do the cooking the dishes the floors the bathrooms etc ! He constantly cries broke but will purchase season tickets to sporting events , take trips , buy whatever he wants for himself, goes out with his friends all the time, goes to Vegas!

What Should I do? 2

He also refuses to become intimate. I’m starting to resent him! I have talked to Him until I’m blue on the face .. he refuses counseling !

I tell him I’m exhausted from working and transporting the kids to have to come home and do everything !

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Even on lay-off periods he won’t help he stays up all night watching tv and sleeps the day away he won’t even let our 3 dogs out or feed them… Some people say well divorce him if he refuses to contribute … that’s not always the easiest answer especially with kids involved !

Is there anyway to get him to help ? Any ideas ?”

divorce drama

When Will the Drama End?

By: Anonimous;
Ok, back story.

I’m a mom of 4. 3 by my exhusband, who hasn’t been in the picture for years, and 1 by my current….fiance. I say “fiance” cause he proposed last year but we’ve both since agreed that neither of us want to get married. Him, cause he hears sex lives die after marriage. Me, cause I don’t wanna sign mine and my children’s lives over to someone who doesn’t treat us right. Anyways, he also has a daughter from his previous relationship.

Anyways, things have been rough for awhile. He almost always has a bad attitude, no patience, complete lack of empathy, majorly hypocritical.

Last month he and his ex got into a huge fight when he went to drop off his daughter and she ended up texting me saying that since she was being treated like crap she wasn’t holding onto secrets anymore. (She never talks to me and has always refuse to meet me but she had my number incase of emergency).

She said that awhile back my “fiance” was grabbin her boobs, asking for oral and said he didn’t wanna have sex with her cause he would feel bad, but that I wasn’t putting out much.

So I left work early, super upset, and confronted him. At first he acted as though he didn’t remember. Then little by little he started to admit to things. Saying that it happened around 2 years ago (when I was pregnant with our child and having some complications).

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He said she had mentioned that it had been awhile since she had gotten any because her and her boyfriend had broken up and he responded with yeah it had been awhile for him too. She then playfully grabbed at his chest and he in turn playfully grabbed at her boobs for a bit.

He remains to this day that it was “Just playing around” and wasn’t sexual. This coming from a guy who told me I couldn’t so much as hug my guy friends, drove my guy friends away and if I talk to another guy, like a coworker, he gets super jealous like I’m not even allowed to just talk to guys at all. Unless they’re gay cause that’s “safe”. I get “I trust you. Just not the guys.”.

I told him “What if I just jokingly grabbed a guy? I guess that’d be ok and you wouldn’t get mad?” and his response was “I don’t know. It’s never happened. I guess I gotta worry about you doing that now.”. REALLY?! It was a scenario to get him to see where I was coming from and instead he flipped it around on me.

He says “Its not like I f***** her!”.

His sister and I get along really well and she said she woulda left him cause she considers it cheating, but for selfish reasons she hoped I’d stay and wouldn’t be mad if I left cause he messed up big.

I stayed but …

From divorce to love story

I filed for divorce…

18 months ago, I filed for divorce.

Talk about the darkest time of my life. I was the tinier than in high school. Never slept. Worked myself to death and raised three girls.

My husband worked on the road and was never home, never talked to me, nothing. I was married to a stranger.

After filing he begged me to give him another chance after a few weeks I agreed. We sat in our dining room for hours trying to figure out how we were going to pick up the pieces.

It was decided the house we be sold, most of our belongs sold, we were going on the road with him.

A month later I found out I was pregnant, we decided to move out of our house once the baby was here. And he would continue working on the road til she arrived.

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A year ago we signed the papers for our new home…on wheels. Every single person doubted us no way we would make it in a camper with four small daughters while we traveled for his work.

May came and she was here a week later the house was empty and we were on the road.

At first it was hard.

Learning how to be around each other every single day (never happened before) and adjusting to 350sq ft verses the 1600 sq ft we gave up.

But we pushed through and here we are exactly one year later since we signed the papers when everyone thought we were insane. Our marriage is stronger than anything.

He’s truly my best friend and our love for traveling grows more everyday.

Now we’re onto our next journey while traveling… pregnancy 5 welcoming a little boy, our first son into our family in June 🖤

If you want it bad enough don’t stop fighting for it.

At Divorce in Florida Online we believe in what we do but we also believe divorce should be a last resort.

From divorce to love story

how to file for divorce without an attorney

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney

How to file for divorce in florida without an attorney. Filing for divorce is commonly depicted as a long legal issue with lawyers for both sides battling in the courts. Nonetheless, divorces can be carried out without attorneys included as long as both celebrations are able to consent to the regards to the divorce.


Beginning the court proceeding:

The routine process for filing for divorce starts with a petition for divorce, submitted with the circuit court in the area where you as well as your partner last lived together or in a region where either event resides. Either partner may file for divorce. The petitioner has to allege that the marriage is irretrievably broken. The application sets out what the petitioner desires from the court. The other spouse must submit an answer within 20 days of being served, addressing the issues in the first request, and also can choose to consist of a counter-petition for the divorce in Florida increasing any type of additional concerns that partner demands the court to address.

Automatic financial disclosure:

Court rules regulating a divorce in florida need that each party supply specific financial papers and also a finished economic affidavit to the other celebration within 45 days of the service of the petition or several days before any kind of momentary hearing. Failing to offer this details can cause the court dismissing the instance or otherwise thinking about that event’s demands.

Divorce Quote

The parties filing for divorce in florida can change these demands except the declaring of an economic sworn statement, which is necessary in all situations in which economic relief is desired.

A child-support guidelines worksheet likewise have to be submitted with the court at or before any kind of hearing on child support. This need may not be waived by the celebrations or the court.


Arbitration is a procedure to help you and your spouse in working out an arrangement for reaching an arrangement without a lengthy procedure or a test. Its function is not to conserve a marriage but to help separating partners reach a solution and also arrive at reasonable terms for dealing with the split of the marriage. Lots of counties

Quick divorces

Quick divorces

If you are looking to file for quick divorces in Florida we may be able to help you. We are not divorce attorneys and do not provide legal advice. We are legal document preparers and the scope of our work is to assist with the paperwork involved with quick divorces.

The State of has residency requirements that at least one of the parties has lived in the State of Florida for the last 6 months prior to filing for divorce. A divorce is also known as a dissolution of marriage. A divorce or an anullment are the only way to get a legal separation in this State.

Keep reading for the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You may also contact our office at 800-474-1970 during regular business hours. Hablamos español.

It takes approximately 30 days from the divorce process starts at the courthouse. Please keep in mind that each divorce judge has their own schedule and while we do everything in our power to get you a fast divorce we do not control the date the divorce will be signed. Our goal is to type the documents as quick as possible so that your divorce is granted quickly. Filing for an uncontested divorce decreases the timeline greatly as long as all requirements have been met.

Check Out our Case Studies and Testimonials HERE

How can I get divorced fast?

A quick divorce will depend heavily on the divorce being an uncontested divorce. If there are any child custody issues that need to be addressed and if filing for divorce in a county that allows for an easy divorce. Because the divorces we help with are granted without a court hearing they are usually faster than filing in local courthouses.

Our process is simple: we type the documents, you (and) your spouse sign the documents in front of a notary; the case is filed and you both receive the paper in the mail.

The most important thing is to remember that both spouses being in agreement can shave weeks of waiting however we can only provide estimates since it’s not up to us as to when the judge will sign the dissolution of marriage.

How long does it take to get divorced?

It depends if the divorce is an uncontested divorce, if all requirements are completed (such as the parenting class if there are minor

Divorcio Simple

Tenemos 2 differentes opciones para un divorcio sin hijos ni finanzas en comun.

Nosotros nos encargamos de preparar los documentos. 

Excluye – servicio de entrega en la corte 

Documentos de divorcio seran preparados y enviados por correo electronico.

Empieza tu procesode divorcio simple hoy:

Divorcio Simple

Servicio de Divorcio Simple en mutuo Acuerdo COMPLETO – $280

Este divorcio es cuando las dos partes estan de acuerdo y no tienen hijos menores o propiedades y deudas en comun.

  1. Llenamos los papeles de divorcio basado en la informacion que tu nos provees. Te lo enviamos por email o por correo si es mas comodo para ti.
  2. Tu y tu ex firman los documentos de divorcio y nos los envias por email o por correo. Nosotros te ayudamos a entregarlos a la corte.
  3. El divorcio les llegara por correo a los dos entre 30-45 dias.

Empieza tu proceso de divorcio simple hoy:

Divorcio Simple
Divorce in fl

Newsletter July 2019

Wow! Can’t believe that 2019 is half way gone! And damn it’s hot! Can’t beat living in Florida though, truly paradise. In this newsletter I have a bunch of updates to share with you so hang tight my love.


Newsletter July 2019 3

We have added a few document preparation services due to many of our clients asking us for help. I have never advertised these services because for a while I needed to stay focused in one area but the cat is out of the bag so might as well let the world know. So without further fanfare:

Immigration Services


Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Taxes & Bookeeping

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No Longer Flying Solo

As we have expanded we have in place a support team that’s the bomb dot com. We will be introducting them to you on Facebook very soon. We will also be getting an office during the last quarter of 2019 so definitely follow us on our Facebook page for updates and our Open House (you will get your VIP invite in your email).

How To Order Certified Copies of Your Divorce

In case you need it, you can head over to and order your certified copy. If you need help locating your case number send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.


I want you to know that I pray for you daily. I love all our clients and thank you for your referrals through the years. I am honored to have served you and hope that you are now living your best life yet. Because of that it would be very helpful if you could leave feedback in any of the platforms below:

New Divorce Service

While we are known for our no-court divorce process we understand that there are people that cannot afford our low fees. After brainstorming we have decided to have a DIY option for $99. We will type the documents but the client will be responsible for the rest of the process.

$99 Divorce Preparation

No Court Divorce Process

Of course we still have the no-court divorce process where we handle everything. We have seen many of our cases lately finishing in 2 weeks. To be honest we have it down to a science now and we are process rich which benefits our clients with faster results.

Simple Divorce Divorce with Property Divorce with Children

Boom Boom Pow Life Lessons

As you may know I have been helping many of our clients with more than just documents. To be honest I do not take all the cases that contact us. I know that there are times that we feel

How to divorce a Florida inmate

How to File for Divorce when Spouse is in Jail

File for Divorce when Spouse is in Jail

If you are looking to file for a dissolution of marriage in Florida but your spouse is incarcerated keep on reading

If your husband or wife is jail then the best option to file for divorce in Florida is to do it by summons. However keep reading because there is another option to get divorced when spouse is in jail that may make it easier and quicker.

What does a divorce by summons entail?

A divorce by summons is also known as a divorce by sheriff, because it involves getting the other spouse served divorce documents by a sheriff or process server.

This means that the process will most likely look like this:

  • Divorce documents are prepared and signed in front of a notary
  • Papers will go be filed in person at the courthouse or efiled through the online court system
  • A private process server or sheriff in the county where the jail is located is hired or engaged and he/she will deliver the documents to the inmate in person
  • You need to wait 20 calendar days from the date your spouse was served. After the waiting period, additional paperwork is filed and a hearing is scheduled
  • You will attend the hearing and will most likely be divorced that day.

How much does a Florida Divorce when your Spouse is in Jail Cost?

It depends on 4 factors:

1 – Do you qualify for a court filing fee waiver?

The waiver is granted by the court for those Divorce Petitioners that have low monthly income. Check here for qualifications

Divorce when spouse is in jail

Another Option

There are jails that have notaries in their facilities and will assist the inmate with notarizing divorce documents AS LONG as your spouse is ok to do so.

If this is the case then we can help you file for a divorce without having to go to a court hearing.


How to File for Divorce when Spouse is in Jail

When you divorce an inmate the process is simple and it may require a sheriff to go to the jail and serve your spouse.

It takes approximately 3 months to complete and require a hearing.

PS – We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice. Please talk to a divorce attorney for legal advice.

Being Peaceful when going through the process of Divorce when spouse is in jail

Please …

Florida divorce without an attorney

Florida Uncontested Divorce

What is an uncontested divorce in Florida?

Also known as an amicable divorce, a divorce in mutual agreement, a divorce with dignity etc.

This kind of process can be done when there is an understanding between both parties that the marriage is irrevocably over and there is no chance of reconciling their differences.

Is a Florida Uncontested Divorce better?

How to file for a Florida uncontested divorceThis kind of divorce is considered much more healthy for most individuals with the exception of when the relationship is toxic. If there have been instances of verbal abuse or physical domestic violence an uncontested divorce is not recommended.

The greatest benefit of filing for a Florida divorce is how quickly it can be finalized! Most of our customers receive their divorce in the mail between 30-45 days without ever stepping into the courthouse.

How can I convince my ex to agree with me and file for a Florida divorce?

When a relationship is over nobody is motivated to spend any more time or money on the ex. Even if it means ending it once and for all and starting over.

Find out about quick divorces

#1 recommendation to motivate  an ex? Open your wallet.

The best way is to agree to pay for the related fees. Yes, it sucks big time! But if you really want a quick and painless divorce this is a huge motivation for someone to cooperate in the process.

This is one of the reasons why our fees are so low, we understand that most of the time the person contacting us will be the person in charge of bearing the financial burden.

Next recommendation? Make it as EASY as possible

Our service removes the “I don’t have time” excuse so many exes use to deny you a Florida divorce.

All they have to do is sign on a dotted line. Neither of you have to go to court at all and 30-45 days you open your mailbox and #BOOM an envelope with your divorce paper is staring at you.

You do not have to see him or her again

Another benefit of our process is that neither of you have to see each other …

florida quick divorce

The Ultimate Simple Divorce Process

A simple divorce process is when you do not have any children or any joint financial obligations during your marriage or after your marriage such as alimony, 401K benefits, etc.

How to Proceed:

Option 1 – Typing ONLY Service

  • Our typing ONLY service is $99.
  • We will type and email the court approved divorce forms you need for your particular case within 24 hours.

Submit the client intake form below. We will call you to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have. We will send you the invoice to your email, once it’s paid you will receive the divorce forms in your email within 48 hours.

Option 2 – Complete Divorce Service


  • We take care of the typing, filing and case management.
  • No Court Hearing Divorce Option – If the simple divorce is in mutual agreement or by publication (when you do not know where your spouse is and have no way of contacing him/her)
  • If the divorce is in mutual agrement you can receive the divorce in the mail within 30 days.
  • If the divorce is by publication then you will receive the final judgement in the mail within 60 days.

Complete Divorce Service Process

  • Our deposit is $140, we will call you on the phone to confirm you are ready and send you the invoice when you submit the client intake form.
  • When we receive the deposit we will prepare the forms and send them to you by email within 24 hours.
  • You can either print the forms or we can mail them you (free if regular mail or $10 by tracked Priority mail for each package).
  • Sign the forms in front of a notary and return them to us by email or mail. We will send you the invoice for the balance of $140 when we receive the signed documents.
  • We will take over the case and you will receive the final judgement in the mail (applicable only for in agreement or by publication cases).
  • The 2nd and final payment of $140 is due prior to filing the case in the court.
  • Information you will need to complete our client intate form:


Information you will need on hand when filling

out our client intake form:

Date of Marriage, City and County where the wedding ocurred

Maiden Name (ONLY if wife wishes to restoreit)…