Never Loved Me?

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Never Loved Me?

My wife was the sweetest person I ever met. Never drank alcohol, never cussed just a sweet innocent girl.

She came from a childhood of abandonment and extreme sexual abuse. About 2 years ago she switched jobs and began hanging out with some single and recently divorced women she works with.

At the same time her dad made contact for the first time ever. In the last year this guy who left her as a baby is her best friend. They talk hours a day with one another.

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Now she curses like a sailor, She has also developed a drinking problem. She now drinks about 10-12 oz of vodka and rum per night and all she wants to do is go out with her friends.

When she’s not with her Friends she is on Snapchat with them.

When I say she’s On Snapchat it’s constant txting from time she gets home til she falls asleep with the phone in her hand.

Me and my small child have basically been alone even though she lives with us. It’s wearing me out cause I do everything.

We really never fuss and get along but she does get very angry if I say anything about her drinking. 

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Well the other day she surprised me and said she didn’t love me, didn’t think she has ever loved me and was moving out and already signed a year lease for a house.

Nothing would change her mind. 

Honestly I’m worried about the child but I have about had it with her. Suggested counseling and arranged it and she agreed.

She canceled the day before and said she just wanted a divorce. Don’t guess there’s much I can do.

Besides appearance this is someone I don’t even know.
Nothing resembles the person she was just a year ago. We were always so happy as a family. 

Anyone seen this? What happened? I assume she met someone while out. Who knows.

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